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Down Syndrome Babies—Here to Teach Us Tenderness

We snuff out their tiny, prophetic voices at our own peril.

They are possibly the last barrier against a society-wide breakdown into generalized violence.

Full potential: Emory University's Down Syndrome Center — Showing what a child with an extra chromosome can do

FULL POTENTIAL: Emory University’s Down Syndrome Center — Showing what a child with an extra chromosome can do

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, speaking to Presentation Parish “On Redemptive Suffering”, remarked that “Down Syndrome babies are here to teach us tenderness”. Societies that protect the most innocent are moving towards greater compassion.

But young people in America today know that they may have brothers and sisters who were killed before they were ever born, and that it could have been them. How does that knowledge affect their understanding that life is precious?

Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, American society has become increasingly vicious in attitude and action, against the unborn, the elderly, the disabled, defenseless school-children and now, with the popularity of the sucker-punching “knockout game”, in random, senseless attacks against total strangers.

Did this increase in violence across the board just arise spontaneously, without precedent, or did our treatment of the most vulnerable portend it?

When protection of innocent life in the womb was first under open attack in the late 1960s, specious excuses were made that “abortion will reduce child abuse against ‘unwanted’ babies”.

Abortion was supposed to reduce child abuse against "unwanted" babies

Abortion was supposed to reduce child abuse against “unwanted” babies
John Willke, MD, Abortion: Questions & Answers—Why Can’t We Love Them Both?

When I was 3 years old I saw my mom on TV. She was speaking to a man about how she killed her baby and regretted it. As she told her story and how she became a pro-life speaker, I watched and listened. My grandma didn’t think I was old enough to understand. When my mom picked me up that night I asked her why she killed my brother or sister and why she didn’t kill me. My mom said she was in shock that her 3-year-old would ask these questions. She answered them the best she could for me, and as I got older I learned more. — Three-Year-Old Sister of Aborted Baby: "Mom, Why Didn’t You Kill Me Too?"
More than 85% of children in utero diagnosed with Down Syndrome today are subsequently aborted.

Every Life Counts (Ireland) An outreach for parents This online outreach is a place where parents of children who were diagnosed with a terminal condition can share their memories, their joy, their pain, and their love. It's a place where the lives of our much-loved children are celebrated, and where we can reach out to parents in similar situations. Every Life Counts aims to be a valuable resource and source of hope for families and their children who, above all else, seek the gift of time. Where children are acknowledged Children who lives are shortened are no less precious than any other child. In fact, many parents say they are the most special children of all. They deserve to be loved and celebrated - and they are worthy of protection.

Every Life Counts (Ireland)
An outreach where parents of children who were diagnosed with a terminal condition can share their memories, their joy, their pain, and their love.

These little saints, capable of returning our love but incapable of personal sin, were sent here by God to teach us to love one another!

Those who are killed before birth will be rewarded by God as if they had fulfilled their mission to teach us tenderness for one another.

(They can still intercede for us, if we will just ask them.)

  But our country and our world will miss this vital lesson  
  they were specially sent to teach us.  
  We disregard their gentle witness at our own peril.  

Then I watched while the Lamb broke open the first of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures cry out in a voice like thunder, “Come forward.” I looked, and there was a white horse, and its rider had a bow. He was given a crown, and he rode forth victorious to further his victories. When he broke open the second seal, I heard the second living creature cry out, “Come forward.” Another horse came out, a red one. Its rider was given power to take peace away from the earth, so that people would slaughter one another. And he was given a huge sword. – Revelation 6:1-4

When he broke open the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered because of the witness they bore to the word of God. They cried out in a loud voice, “How long will it be, holy and true master, before you sit in judgment and avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?” Each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to be patient a little while longer until the number was filled of their fellow servants and brothers who were going to be killed as they had been. – Revelation 6:9-11


See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of My heavenly Father.Matthew 18:10

 Most victims of violence know the perpetrator, or have some purposeful connection such as the context of an altercation or a robbery. This latest, mass movement of random, senseless, violence-as-entertainment presents a new low in societal decay—the slope has slipped, the frog is fried. This development, (“the knockout game“), as a continuation of the degradation of human rights over the last half-century, should serve as a disturbing portent suggesting that a society-wide, general breakdown in personal and public safety is imminent–directly attributable to mistreatment of the most vulnerable among us. (Return ↑)

Soros Hack Reveals Payments to Push Abortion on the Irish

Mega-rich Americans are funding the abortion push in Ireland. Why?

Thanks to DCLeaks.com and the work of journalist Kevin Jones the truth is finally out there.

George Soros, a U.S. billionaire and one of the richest people in the world, has been secretly pumping funds into the push to legalise abortion in Ireland.

In a private memo, clearly never intended to be seen by the Irish people, Soros’ foundation takes aim at Irish laws protecting unborn babies, and commits to funding three groups who will work ‘collectively’ to legalise abortion – Amnesty Ireland, the Abortion Rights Campaign, and the IFPA.

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136,170 estimated abortions on Moms who felt pressured, paid for by Warren Buffett

$100,000,000 Estimated Amount paid for Abortions by Warren Buffett
$470 Average Cost of an Abortion as Cited by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2009
212,766 Estimated Number of Abortions Paid for by Warren Buffett
64% Percent of American Moms Who Felt Pressured to Abort. (217 Sample Moms)

Vincent M. Rue, Priscilla K. Coleman, James J. Rue, David C. Reardon.

“Induced abortion and traumatic stress: A preliminary comparison of American and Russian women.”

Med Sci Monit 2004; 10(10): SR5-16

136,170 Estimated Number of Abortions

on Moms Who Felt Pressured to Abort

Paid for by Warren Buffett

Since about 1875, when an anonymous author, Paterfamilias, candidly admitted that the rationale for limiting family size is to enjoy a higher standard of living, the typical business tycoon–Ford, Rockefeller, Gates and Buffett–has held that it is a sound business principle to support population control, to increase disposable income necessary for their products to be bought.

This is probably an irrational attitude engendered by the economy of scarcity, which falsely regards prosperity as having a negative gradient; whereas the truth is that the more liberal the culture of the commonwealth, the greater and more widely distributed is prosperity, for those at the top and for those at all economic levels.

It is unlikely that there could be a dispassionate study of the issue–whether or not larger families actually increase the market for manufactured industrial goods–because academics are typically invested in the abortion mentality.

Churches: Pray for Abortionists by Name Every Sunday

Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz

The idea comes from an early pro-life activist, Mike Schwartz, commemorated by C-Fam’s Austin Ruse in a recent article The Court Has Completely Destroyed Its Own Legitimacy, about the US Supreme Court, Texas abortion decision Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt (June 27, 2016).

(Our website carried an article relevant to this issue, An Abortion Business was fined $77 for a Patient Death; The Average Animal Shelter Fine: $5,305 – Abortion Clinic That allegedly Killed Woman and Failed Inspection Just Gets $77 Fine – Dog Pounds Are Better Regulated Than Abortion Businesses.)

In the middle of the article, Mr. Ruse wrote extensively about Mike Schwartz.

quotesAs we mourn all these things, though, let us also remember and celebrate someone whose name is not known to you but he is the man who thought all this up. He was the man whose idea it was to regulate abortion out of business. Mike Schwartz was his name and he died almost exactly three years ago from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Mike Schwartz was one of the country’s first pro-life soldiers and eventually one of our most important generals.

In college at the University of Dallas he helped form one of the very first pro-life groups in the country, the Sons of Thunder. With a name like that you can guess what they might have done first. They invaded an abortion clinic and all got arrested.


He helped found the March for Life. He worked for Paul Weyrich at the Free Congress Foundation, a group that split off from the Heritage Foundation because of Heritage’s reluctance to do pro-life work. For a long time, he was Legislative Director for Concerned Women for America. He worked for Tom Coburn in the US House and became his Chief of Staff in the Senate.

Mike was a salty saint. He would spend hours talking to homeless guys and he would know their names. He carried books of theology around with him and read them whenever there was a spare minute. He always had time for anyone and everyone who came into his path.

And he could talk the bluest of blue streaks at “gutless Republicans in the U.S. Senate” and “that band of criminals on the U.S. Supreme Court.” His lips would thin across bared teeth and he would call it the “Roe v. Wade Hate Crimes Against the Human Race Decision.”

I can hear him today enraged at what that band of criminals decided this week. But he would also chuckle because the whole process, even though we lost, for now, has been quite remarkable and has resulted in the other side spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and actually ended up closing clinics by the butchers not interested in making women safer. The whole process has educated the public, put big abortion under a microscope and made them, once more, defend the indefensible.

Mike thought all this out. He was the most tactical man you ever met.

For years he talked about outlawing abortion by eliminating it. By that he meant that if Roe went down today, abortion would still be legal and killing babies in most if not all the states. He meant that abortion had to be small enough so you could drown it in a bucket of water.

“When the total number of commercial abortions is no greater than 100,000 and the total number of abortion shops is less than 100, then we can say that the cancer has been shrunk sufficiently to cut it out,” he taught.

Before he died Mike put the distillation of a lifetime of thinking and acting into a single memo and handed it out to other leaders in the pro-life movement. I wish I still had mine. It is around here somewhere.

Mike said Churches should pray each Sunday for the local abortionist by name.

He said Churches should pray each Sunday for the local abortionist by name. He said all abortion clinic workers should be bonded so as to expose the criminal past of so many of them. He wanted to establish an Abortion Injury Compensation Fund to be funded by a tax on all abortions.

He said abortion clinics should be made into ambulatory surgical centers, knowing full well that it would force them to spend huge sums to do it.

And he said all abortion clinic doctors should be made to get admitting privileges at the local hospital. What Mike knew and what recent history has shown is most of these killers are unsavory characters who simply cannot get admitting privileges, which for any doctor are remarkably easy to get.

In the past few years more than 200 such laws have been enacted by heroic pro-life legislators all over the country. And hundreds of clinics have closed.

Mike would be furious today and he would rail against the Court and he would rail against big abortion and he would rail against the gutless Republicans who allowed all of this to happen and it would be wonderful to watch him in full rail.

Then he would say the Rosary, sharpen his pencil, and start chuckling as he came up with a dozen new and inventive ways to end abortion.

Latest Zika Info Lacking Balance

Summary: Nobody should be careless about getting Zika. But allowing a panic to deflect attention from the most important issues is no help either.

mikroKephalyKidsThese are Microcephaly Kids. Their Moms probably didn’t have Zika.

As you can see, they’re terrific people. I want to be with them.

If God were to send me one, I would probably learn to “wag more, bark less” from them.

wagmoreBarklessThe most highly regarded American reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, reports that while Zika has been associated with increased incidences of microcephaly births, there is little evidence that the Zika infection itself directly causes the microcephaly birth defect. An insecticide that people were drinking may be the cause.

  • For 70 years, Zika wasn’t linked to microcephaly birth defects. The link was made only after a 2015 rise in microcephaly in Brazil coincident with a Zika outbreak.
  • An Argentina doctors’ group said Brazil’s rash of microcephaly was noticed shortly after some communities began using the larvicide  Pyriproxyfen  in drinking water. It’s a hypothesis, a probability, Dr. Medardo Avila Vazquez, a pediatrician in Cordoba, Argentina and main author of the report told NPR. And for us, its more likely that it’s the chemical larvicide and not Zika. After the report by the Argentina doctors, one Brazilian state announced it would stop putting Pyriproxyfen in drinking water.
  • Zika is considered one of the mildest mosquito-borne viruses. More than 80% of people who get Zika don’t become sick and have no symptoms.

The image below is repeated in most Zika stories. It conveys a sense of suffering. The viewer is probably unaware that the placement of the image in the stories unconsciously links fears of having imperfect children with the crying and sense of suffering.
A perfect, beautiful child crying would convey a very different “left brain” message.

R2L rebuttal to the Sacramento Bee article against Crisis Pregnancy Centers/CPCs

NARAL is at war with pregnancy centers throughout the country, but why? Because the pregnancy centers are having an effect on the abortion industry’s blood-money flow. Women are turning to CPCs and choosing life! Although there are many cover-ups and neglects perpetrated by the abortion providers which NARAL so avidly supports; R2L would like to call out just a few by dissecting the scenario that NARAL’s Amy Everitt’s provided in her Sacramento Bee article.

Amy’s scenario in the Bee – “A young and scared pregnant woman walks into what looks like a medical clinic seeking help. When she says that she has a scholarship to start college and doesn’t feel ready to be a parent, a staff person tells her that she’s already a mother and college can wait. When she asks about abortion, she is told that if she has one, any future pregnancy will be sad because she’ll feel like she doesn’t deserve children. They say that if she has an abortion and doesn’t tell anyone, she could die alone and no one would ever know what happened to her.”

1. “A young”– What age does NARAL consider to be young and do they care if women are under age? Let’s look at one of the organizations NARAL emphatically backs, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was caught covering-up child sex trafficking and illegally not reporting rape. For documented evidence, please read the linked article on Personhood USA and the story of an abused 13 year old on Live Action.

2. “Scared pregnant woman”– Why is the woman scared? Does NARAL or the Abortion provider ask or care? According to the Vitae Foundation, 64% of women are bullied into having an abortion. R2L prayer vigil members have actually heard first-hand accounts of this bullying from the victims outside of the abortion facility on Butano Dr.

3. “She has a scholarship to start college”– Women do lose their Athletic scholarships if they become pregnant, please google this issue or go to this ESPN article. This is prejudicial! Is NARAL investigating this prejudice against women and are they defending them? There is no evidence to support that they are.

4. “Doesn’t feel ready to be a parent”– If you’re not ready to be a parent, should the baby die? Please consider the loving option of adoption! A study conducted by the Journal of Social Issues stated that 81% of women surveyed said they felt victimized by the abortion process, and that they were either coerced into the abortion or that information about alternatives or the actual procedure had been withheld.

5. “A staff person tells her that she’s already a mother and college can wait.”– Could not find evidence of this when researching.

6. “When she asks about abortion, she is told that if she has one, any future pregnancy will be sad because she’ll feel like she doesn’t deserve children.” R2L members have personally heard from post-abortive women that their future pregnancies were sad and that the new pregnancy did bring-up memories of the abortion. Does NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Family Planning Associates or any other abortion provider send out a questionnaire to post-abortive women to see what their thoughts and feelings are after an abortion? I researched PP, FPA, and NARAL and couldn’t find a survey.

7. “They say that if she has an abortion and doesn’t tell anyone, she could die alone and no one would ever know what happened to her.”– Women do die as a result of complications from the abortion procedure both at home and at abortion facilities. If pieces of the baby are left inside the womb or the womb is cut during the abortion, the woman will experience complications such as internal bleeding and/or sepsis. If she passes out at home and is alone, then death can and has occurred. Please reference emergency information at Complications of Abortion.

DOCUMENTED ARTICLES: Please visit the Operation Rescue site for articles on, and a list of women who have died from complications due to an abortion. Also, please see Planned Parenthood’s cover-up of the danger of abortion.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that there are approximately 60 million men and women who have died through abortion; they’re the babies unable to speak for themselves! Please keep them in your prayers!

Further reading – Why is NARAL’s at war with pregnancy centers?

D.C Court Rules NARAL Was Dishonest in Attack Against Pro-Life Clinics

Pro-Life laws on ultrasound are working and NARAL is mad

NARAL Cal State Director Attacks Crisis Pregnancy Centers on the Bee Op-Ed Pages


Op-Ed Title: “Crisis pregnancy centers threaten women’s health”

AmyEverittBy Amy Everitt, State Director of NARAL Pro-Choice California
Special to The Bee | 3/11/2015

“A young and scared pregnant woman walks into what looks like a medical clinic seeking help…”

These [crisis pregnancy] centers pose a threat to public health in California.

[The article links to a NARAL disinformation site cpclies.com .]

To read the article on the Sacramento Bee website, click here.

Amy Everitt is state director of NARAL Pro-Choice California and the NARAL Pro-Choice California Foundation.

[NARAL was formerly known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, then the National Abortion Rights Action League, and later the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.]

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/opinion/op-ed/soapbox/article13575611.html#storylink=cpy

Abortion Doesn’t Prevent, It CAUSES Subsequent Premature Birth

“We can now admit that surgical abortion increases risk of subsequent premature delivery BECAUSE SURGICAL ABORTION IS ‘OBSOLETE’.”

There’s just one problem—Surgical abortion is not ‘obsolete’, it is still used for more than 75% of abortions.

Chemical Abortion accounts for 18% to 22% of induced abortions. Its opposite,
Surgical Abortion, accounts for 77% to 81% of induced abortions.

Preterm Birth Linked to Induced Abortion

by Rebecca G. Oas, Ph.D. | Reproductive Research Audit


A $200 million per year “Philanthropic Charitable” Foundation Promotes ABORTION as “The Cure” for Premature Birth—a “Cure” not merely worse than the disease, Abortion CAUSES the Disease.

The Medical Research Establishment is so heavily invested in abortion that it is willing to undergo Derangement of its Fundamental Scientific Objectivity rather than contradict the ‘abortion is safe’ dogma.


It’s as if someone blew the all-clear.

A recent study found a “strong independent relationship” between a history of abortion and the risk of a subsequent preterm birth. For the pro-life community, this comes as a vindication of many years of work to draw attention to the link, despite a lack of attention from the medical community and outright denial from pro-abortion advocates.

However, the study authors attribute the risk to abortion methods now considered obsolete.

According to the study published by open-source journal PLOS One, which analyzed data from Scotland, induced abortion was indeed linked with preterm birth, with the risk increasing in relation to the number of previous abortions. However, the study found that the association decreased over the study period between 1980 and 2008. The authors speculated that this could be due to the use of more modern abortion methods less likely to cause cervical trauma, particularly medication abortion[, i.e., RU-486].

Study Shows Abortion Raises Risk of Premature Birth 69%, More Abortions Raise It Even More—Dr. Pim Ankum of the Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam, analyzed 21 cohort studies covering almost 2 million women. Ankum found that D&Cs performed for abortion or miscarriage increase the risk of a subsequent premature birth (under 37 weeks) by 29%, and the risk of very premature birth (under 32 weeks) by 69%.


The authors posit that the risk of preterm birth was increased in women who had surgical abortions without cervical pre-treatment. They hypothesized that the use of mechanical methods to dilate the cervix might cause trauma that could increase the difficulty of carrying a pregnancy to full term.

The authors conclude by recommending that the continued modernization of abortion methods “may be an effective long-term strategy to reduce global rates of preterm birth.”

On the one hand, it’s a surprising about-face: as recently as less than [a year] ago, Robin McMarty of RH Reality Check claimed, “There is no major medical group in the [US] that claims abortion causes preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.” This was a paraphrase of the same assertion previously made by Paige Johnson, vice president of external affairs for Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina, and echoed by other pro-abortion groups.

On the other hand, this report and its recommendations manage to finally admit the existence of the link while attempting to further the pro-abortion cause: first, by fixing the blame squarely on outdated practices, and second, by advocating for increased use of more modern methods.

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When Lambeth Still Supported Contraception-Free Marriage

Just Ten Years Before 1930, the 1920 Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Church Upheld Christendom’s Universal, Ancient Teaching of the Inviolability of the Transmission of Human Life in Each Marital Embrace — Allowing Children to be Born.

From Lambeth to the Land of Nod by John S. Hamlon

May 22, 2015 | Catholic teaching on contraception will always be a “sign of contradiction” and it will always point to an inconvenient, counter-cultural truth: more contraception means more divorce and more abortion.

“Cain flying before Jehovah’s Curse” by Fernand-Anne Piestre Cormon, c. 1880, Musée d’Orsay, Paris (Wikipedia)


In his preface to A Man for All Seasons, playwright Robert Bolt describes protagonist Thomas More as

a man with an adamantine sense of his own self. He knew where he began and left off… but at length he was asked to retreat from that final area where he located his self. And there this supple, humorous, unassuming and sophisticated person… was overtaken by an absolutely primitive rigor, and could no more be budged than a cliff.

“Adamantine”—unyielding, impervious, diamond-like—befits the real Thomas More who, as councilor to King Henry VIII, was convicted of treason and beheaded in 1535. He would not sign the First Succession Act, which was anti-papal authority, anti-Catherine of Aragon (including daughter Mary—fathered by Henry VIII), and pro-Princess Elizabeth (still in Anne Boleyn’s womb).

At the formal Catholic level, More is the patron of statesmen and politicians; in the pews, he is a defender of marriage and family.

The Beauty of Marriage and Family—Anglican Style

The Anglican bishops at the Lambeth Conference of 1920 were also diamond-like. Compared to the grimy, banal, all-purpose language used today, they spoke of marriage with an eloquence and directness that is, in a word, lustrous:

The fellowship between man and woman in marriage was the earliest which God gave to the human race…. What our Lord adds about marriage is not given as new legislation, but as a declaration of God’s original purpose. The man and his wife are no longer twain, but one flesh: and those whom God has joined together, man is not to put asunder…. [God] will work, as those who wait for Him well know, the miracle by which the two lives become one, yet so that each life becomes greater and better than it could have been alone. (Lambeth Conferences—1867-1930; [SPCK, 1948], 29)

By contrast, the Catholic world—up until the watershed-year 1968—saw few lines about the unifying woof in the warp and woof of marriage. In Pius XI’s Casti Connubii (1930), for example, love’s primary purpose is to help husband and wife form and perfect their interior life so “they may advance ever more and more in virtue, and above all that they may grow in true love toward God and their neighbor” (23). In order of emphasis, Pius XI puts procreation first, conjugal honor (based on mutual fidelity) second, and spousal love third. Continue reading

Little Lost Lambeth

What do a 2000 year old Christian Tradition, the Anglican Lambeth Conference and English author Aldous Huxley have in common?…

Twenty-Five Years Before the Pill was Invented, It was Parodied as the Anti-eucharist

by Stephen Kellmeyer | Sept/Oct 1998 Envoy Magazine

This Article in a PDF.

In 1930, the Anglican Church made a decision that proved tragic for the entire world. About the only two voices that realized the problem were, of course, the Catholic Church, and surprisingly, an agnostic.

The year is 1932. On the Continent, Adolf Hitler is still 11 months away from gaining control of the German government. Though he continues to search for a way to gain the electoral majority necessary to rule Germany, he has already won a major victory in England, a victory that will continue to grow and metastasize long after he lies dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a burning bunker in Berlin 13 years in the future.


Yet, even as English Churchmen nurture the seed of Hitler’s philosophy on their isle, another voice has risen from among the inhabitants of that gallant land. This voice has spent the last two years forming one of the most insightful and strident attacks on Nazi philosophy ever concocted, and it is now, in February, 1932, that the author releases his work into the stream of history. The battle between the philosophies continues to be fought down to this very day: the battle between the eugenics, advocated in seminal form by the Church of England, and the natural law, upheld by an agnostic who saw the preposterous conclusions to which the contraceptive philosophy must inevitably lead.

The agnostic was Aldous Huxley; his book, Brave New World, would constitute not only an incredibly prophetic description of the contracepting society, but also a deft parody of the Christian church which first legalized the idea. Prior to 1930, contraception had been uniformly condemned by every Christian denomination in the world since the death of Christ.

“The President made another sign of the T and sat down. The service had begun. The dedicated soma tablets were placed in the center of the table. The loving cup of strawberry ice-cream soma was passed from hand to hand and, with the formula, ‘I drink to my annihilation,’ twelve times quaffed. Then to the accompaniment of the synthetic orchestra the First Solidarity Hymn was sung….”
Unfortunately, Darwin’s work between 1854 and 1872 had a profound influence on European and American society. His “survival of the fittest” argument soon produced the idea that some human beings were less fit, less worthy to procreate than others. Both sides of the Atlantic forged ahead with applications of this “breakthrough” in scientific understanding. Scientific journals devoted to eugenics, the breeding of a better human animal, soon became common throughout Europe. Francis Galton, the man who coined the word “eugenics,” established a research fellowship in University College, London in 1908, and his Eugenics Society began work in the same year.

By the early 1920s, Margaret Sanger and several of her English lovers were touting contraception and involuntary sterilization as a way to limit the breeding of the “human weeds,” as Sanger called them: the insane, the mentally-retarded, criminals, and people with Slavic, Southern Mediterranean, Jewish, black or Catholic backgrounds (ironically, Sanger was herself raised by a Catholic mother).

Though most supporters of atheistic rationalist scientific progress don’t advertise it, Hitler’s racial purity schemes were nothing more than the application of 1920s “cutting-edge” biology. When this attitude encountered Christianity, the results were uniformly explosive. Ever since 1867, Anglican bishops had been meeting roughly every ten years at Lambeth Palace, London, in order to discern how best to govern their Church. Mounting eugenics pressures had required the bishops in both the 1908 and the 1920 conferences to fiercely condemn contraception. But the constant eugenics drumbeat would not let up.

The 1930 conference brought even greater internal challenges; many of the people advising the bishops were eugenicists, indeed, at least one attendee, the Reverend Doctor D.S. Bailey, would be both a member of the International Eugenics Society and an active participant in the conference.

Between the general mood of society and the insistence of advisers, the Anglican bishops were placed under extreme pressure to allow some form of artificial contraception. On August 14,1930, after heated debate, they voted 193 to 67, with 14 abstentions, to permit the use of contraceptives at the discretion of married couples. The decision rocked the Christian world — it was the first time any Christian Church had dared to attack the underlying foundations of the sacred marital act, the act in which another image of God was brought into creation through the parents’ participation in co-creation with God. Pope Pius XI, deeply saddened, issued Casti Connubii, just four short months later on December 31, 1930, reiterating the constant Christian teaching that artificial contraception was forbidden as an intrinsically evil act.

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