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Prayer Request against China’s 1-Child Policy and against Gendercide

Your Prayers Are Requested

A Heart for Freedom: The Remarkable Journey of a Young Dissident, Her Daring Escape, and Her Quest to Free China’s Daughters

Heart4FreedomMore than twenty years ago, Chai Ling led the protesters at Tiananmen Square and became China’s most-wanted female fugitive. Today, she’s finally telling her astonishing story. Though haunted by memories of the horrifying massacre at Tiananmen and her underground escape from China in a cargo box, Ling threw herself into pursuing the American dream. She completed Ivy League degrees, found love, and became a highly successful entrepreneur. Yet her longing for true freedom, purpose, and peace remained unfulfilled. Years after Tiananmen, she was still searching to find meaning in all the violence, fear, and tragedy she’d endured. She is here to tell her tale of passion, political turmoil, and spiritual awakening . . . and the inspirational true story of a woman who has dedicated everything to giving people in China their chance at a future.

Podcast from Kresta in the Afternoon (2 PM Weekdays) January 27, 2014 – Hour 2


Natural Procreative Technology (NaProTechnology) — Healthier Babies, Moms and Marriages

NaProTechWhen Laurine was sixteen, she developed an ovarian cyst. She was very upset. Fortunately, through our friend, Dr. John G., we were familiar with NaProTechnology (Natural Procreative Technology). We were able to refer Laurine’s family to a practitioner in Reno. Though we never heard any more about the problem, several years ago, Laurine had a child.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is associated with higher incidences of birth defects, including previously rare cancers.



  • Is more effective than IVF at achieving pregnancy, a healthier pregnancy, and a healthy, live birth.
  • NPT searches for the underlying causes of infertility and seeks to restore health to a woman’s fertility.
  • NPT is usually more affordable for couples than IVF.
  • NPT pursues conception in a manner respectful of the dignity of a baby’s life.
  • NPT respects and promotes the marriage relationship.
  • The only “ethical” concern with NaProTECHNOLOGY is picking a baby name!
  • NaProTechnology does not offend religious convictions of the patient.

Find a NaProTechology Doctor.

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Advance Medical Directive / Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care / Protective Medical Decisions Documents

Hospital-Designed “Living Will” BAD
Pro-Life Protective Document GOOD


Sign the Document that says what YOU want
—Don’t buy into the “DUTY To Die”

When you’ve been admitted to a hospital, are in an emergency room, or are having an outpatient procedure at a clinic, if the treatment should put you into temporary cardiac arrest—from which you might easily recover if you are treated properly—the cost for the facility of standard emergency treatment can range from $50,000 to more than $100,000. The medical services industry has long regarded Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) as your presumed, “normal” emergency treatment status, regarding your intention to be revived in an emergency as exceptional—and objectionable.

Hospitals have a strong financial incentive to muscle you into signing away your rights with a deceptively titled “Living Will”—the name conveys the impression that your intentions will be followed, but “Living Wills” are actually designed to give power to hospital administrators and insurance officials to deny expensive treatments that could save your life. You may be prompted to sign such a document when you are under the stress of illness, even in pain.

"Grandma loved us so much that she wanted to have something to leave us, and she didn’t want to burden us by trying to cling to life after she had lived her time."

THE “Living Will” SALES JOB
: “Grandma loved us so much that she wanted to have something to leave us, and she didn’t want to burden us by trying to cling to life after she had lived her time.”

You need to take time when you are calm and well, to plan and make arrangements for your intentions to be represented when you are in an emergency and perhaps incapacitated. If you take time to perform this task, you have a much better chance of obtaining a positive outcome. You need an “Advance Medical Directive / Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care / Protective Medical Decisions Document”.

Recently, one of our members was unable to help direct the course of treatment of an ill relative, because she lacked a document required by law to express the patient’s intentions. Without it, hospitals are under no obligation to follow an incapacitated patient’s verbally expressed intentions—doctors, or even hospital administrators, may summarily decide that a patient’s life is “futile” (life unworthy of life), and order discontinuation of minimal hydration and nutrition. In the absence of one of the protective documents listed below, hospitals may use medical privacy laws as a pretext for refusing even to provide relatives with information about the condition of a patient who has been admitted to a hospital.

Life Legal Defense Foundation

Our friend, Dana Cody’s Life Legal Defense Foundation offers a free, protective document which specifically addresses the requirements of California law.

“About” the Protective Document

pdf Make Your Health Care Decisions…Or They Will Be Made For You: A guide to protecting yourself and your loved ones

FORMS (Eleven Pages)
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