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Open-Enroll in Ethical Health Care


A Message from Bishop Soto…

My Dear Parishioners,

Out of his pastoral concern, Bishop Soto asked me to share the following with you.  Have a Blessed New Year!

– Father Jeremy Leatherby, Pastor


To:                           Priests and Deacons

From:                       Bishop Jaime Soto

Date:                         December 10, 2014

Subject:                    Open Enrollment: Abortion Coverage in California State Health     Exchange

A year ago, I sent information to assist you in responding to parishioners’ questions about registering for the health insurance program in California, called “Covered California,” part of the Affordable Care Act.

The Open Enrollment period for 2015 coverage is from November 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015. Those who have insurance will be asked to re-commit to their present insurer or to move to a new provider before mid-February. I thought it prudent to update the information from last year for the benefit of you and your parishioners.

It is a helpful service to remind people of their legal obligation to register for health insurance and to advise them of the moral questions they face in choosing a health care program for themselves and their families.

1. All Californians are required to sign up for some form of health plan by February 15, 2015. If you haven’t enrolled by then, you will be unable to purchase coverage until the next Open Enrollment period.

2. Access to good health care for our families promotes human dignity and serves the common good of society. Abortion is not good health care. Catholics should not utilize abortion services or other morally objectionable services that may be included in insurance plans.

3. Every state is required to offer at least one plan that does not cover elective abortions. In California, that plan is offered by Anthem Blue Cross. There are two Blue Cross options available in our diocesan area that do not provide abortion coverage: Silver 70 PPO and Gold 80 PPO.

4. We have been told that while these plans are available, you may have to be very persistent to be able to register for one of these plans. If you need assistance in registering for health insurance, you may call GFBB Benefits at 916 740 2400.

5. If it is discovered that you or your family does not have health coverage during 2015, you may have to pay a fee that is 2% or your income or $325 per adult and $162.50 per child (whichever is more).

6. While undocumented immigrants may not be eligible for all services, US born children are eligible and can be registered for Medi-Cal. Sacramento ACT and Placer People of Faith Together have been providing workshops in parishes to register eligible children for insurance. Sacramento ACT personnel can be reached at 916 447 7959. Placer People of Faith Together number is 530 401 3768

7. If you have questions about any of this, you can contact Rich Fowler at 916 733 0262.


Sacramento, California City Council Secretly Funds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

by Sarah Zagorski | | 12/19/2014

Apparently there isn’t one person on the Sacramento City Council who opposes Planned Parenthood.

A recent KCRA report revealed that funds are being donated by the California council members to the abortion business; however, the money is supposed to be ear-marked for teenage mothers through a Planned Parenthood scholarship and program. The organization claims that through this program, they support 12 single mothers with a budget of $50 thousand dollars a year.


Even though Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion business in America, officials of the abortion giant claim they keep funding for educational programs separated from their other “services.”

Council member Angelique Ashby said, “I donated to a scholarship. The money that I gave only could go to a scholarship fund for young single moms already selected to go to college. At one point in my life, sir, that was me. So I hope that in doing so, that some of those young women grow up, love their city enough to come back, run for City Council and be the next Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Sacramento.”

As LifeNews previously reported, this was the same council member who yanked off her microphone and walked off when she was questioned by a news reporter earlier this month. But still, despite her strange response to questioning, in the council’s opinion Planned Parenthood is a great organization and is guilty of nothing. Another member, Steve Cohn, said “I believe that is a undeniably worthy community purpose. These funds do not go to abortions or other controversial programming.”

However, we know how Planned Parenthood really works and how in the past they’ve been found guilty of using tax-payer money for other purposes. For example, just last year Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast had to pay the state of Texas $4.3 million for fraudulently overbilling the taxpayer funded Medicaid program. Additionally, not only does the thriving abortion business participate in fraudulent activity, they believe they can instruct our children without parental permission. In fact, at a school in Los Angeles, Planned Parenthood provides free birth control for teens without parents’ knowledge, and at similar schools, Planned Parenthood provides the morning after pill and counseling for abortion.

So even IF (and that’s a BIG if) they don’t use the money from the Sacramento City Council fraudulently, why would they want to give an organization money that does things like cover up statutory rape, teach our teenager girls that its a-ok for their boyfriends to push them into participating in violent sex and brings in 170 million dollars in abortion income every year?

Unfortunately in 2012, the organization raked in $560.6 million dollars in taxpayer funding, which averages out to $1.5 million every day. Their breast cancer screening services dropped by 14% and their prenatal services by 32%. For every one-adoption referral that Planned Parenthood facilitated, they performed 149 abortions.

Taking this into consideration, I think it’s safe to say California citizens should be outraged that their city council members support Planned Parenthood and should contact them right away. To complain about your tax-dollars going toward Planned Parenthood, use the address below or go to

Sacramento City Hall
915 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

A Majority of Average Americans Are Pro-Life (Just Not the Elites)

Actors portray a young woman and man arguing
about whether or not she should have an abortion.

Bystanders—average people—react FOR LIFE.

Thanks, Vitae Caring Foundation, for helping
take America past the Pro-Life Tipping Point

(Woman firefighter handing a child she just saved to the Mom.) “Being alive today has special meaning–for both of us. There have been times when I almost didn’t make it. But the one time I had the most to lose, was before I was even born. My Mom was young, single, no money. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to give me a chance. But today, I know she’d be very proud, that her decision saved more than one life.”—”Lifesaver”, Vitae Caring Foundation

But why aren’t elite, upwardly mobile young women catching the Pro-Life Wave? Read more…