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R2L rebuttal to the Sacramento Bee article against Crisis Pregnancy Centers/CPCs

NARAL is at war with pregnancy centers throughout the country, but why? Because the pregnancy centers are having an effect on the abortion industry’s blood-money flow. Women are turning to CPCs and choosing life! Although there are many cover-ups and neglects perpetrated by the abortion providers which NARAL so avidly supports; R2L would like to call out just a few by dissecting the scenario that NARAL’s Amy Everitt’s provided in her Sacramento Bee article.

Amy’s scenario in the Bee – “A young and scared pregnant woman walks into what looks like a medical clinic seeking help. When she says that she has a scholarship to start college and doesn’t feel ready to be a parent, a staff person tells her that she’s already a mother and college can wait. When she asks about abortion, she is told that if she has one, any future pregnancy will be sad because she’ll feel like she doesn’t deserve children. They say that if she has an abortion and doesn’t tell anyone, she could die alone and no one would ever know what happened to her.”

1. “A young”– What age does NARAL consider to be young and do they care if women are under age? Let’s look at one of the organizations NARAL emphatically backs, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was caught covering-up child sex trafficking and illegally not reporting rape. For documented evidence, please read the linked article on Personhood USA and the story of an abused 13 year old on Live Action.

2. “Scared pregnant woman”– Why is the woman scared? Does NARAL or the Abortion provider ask or care? According to the Vitae Foundation, 64% of women are bullied into having an abortion. R2L prayer vigil members have actually heard first-hand accounts of this bullying from the victims outside of the abortion facility on Butano Dr.

3. “She has a scholarship to start college”– Women do lose their Athletic scholarships if they become pregnant, please google this issue or go to this ESPN article. This is prejudicial! Is NARAL investigating this prejudice against women and are they defending them? There is no evidence to support that they are.

4. “Doesn’t feel ready to be a parent”– If you’re not ready to be a parent, should the baby die? Please consider the loving option of adoption! A study conducted by the Journal of Social Issues stated that 81% of women surveyed said they felt victimized by the abortion process, and that they were either coerced into the abortion or that information about alternatives or the actual procedure had been withheld.

5. “A staff person tells her that she’s already a mother and college can wait.”– Could not find evidence of this when researching.

6. “When she asks about abortion, she is told that if she has one, any future pregnancy will be sad because she’ll feel like she doesn’t deserve children.” R2L members have personally heard from post-abortive women that their future pregnancies were sad and that the new pregnancy did bring-up memories of the abortion. Does NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Family Planning Associates or any other abortion provider send out a questionnaire to post-abortive women to see what their thoughts and feelings are after an abortion? I researched PP, FPA, and NARAL and couldn’t find a survey.

7. “They say that if she has an abortion and doesn’t tell anyone, she could die alone and no one would ever know what happened to her.”– Women do die as a result of complications from the abortion procedure both at home and at abortion facilities. If pieces of the baby are left inside the womb or the womb is cut during the abortion, the woman will experience complications such as internal bleeding and/or sepsis. If she passes out at home and is alone, then death can and has occurred. Please reference emergency information at Complications of Abortion.

DOCUMENTED ARTICLES: Please visit the Operation Rescue site for articles on, and a list of women who have died from complications due to an abortion. Also, please see Planned Parenthood’s cover-up of the danger of abortion.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that there are approximately 60 million men and women who have died through abortion; they’re the babies unable to speak for themselves! Please keep them in your prayers!

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D.C Court Rules NARAL Was Dishonest in Attack Against Pro-Life Clinics

Pro-Life laws on ultrasound are working and NARAL is mad

NARAL Cal State Director Attacks Crisis Pregnancy Centers on the Bee Op-Ed Pages

Op-Ed Title: “Crisis pregnancy centers threaten women’s health”

AmyEverittBy Amy Everitt, State Director of NARAL Pro-Choice California
Special to The Bee | 3/11/2015

“A young and scared pregnant woman walks into what looks like a medical clinic seeking help…”

These [crisis pregnancy] centers pose a threat to public health in California.

[The article links to a NARAL disinformation site .]

To read the article on the Sacramento Bee website, click here.

Amy Everitt is state director of NARAL Pro-Choice California and the NARAL Pro-Choice California Foundation.

[NARAL was formerly known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, then the National Abortion Rights Action League, and later the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.]

Read more here:

Marie Leatherby: "Women Deserve Full Information On Abortion"

Amy Everitt declares 43 crisis pregnancy centers in California a “threat to public health” (“Crisis pregnancy centers threaten women’s health,” Viewpoints, March 12).

Her main criticism is alleged misinformation. Yet throughout the article, she spreads misinformation mostly based on an investigation performed by her organization – California’s National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League chapter – a biased source.

The Sacramento Life Center has medical licenses for all three clinics run by an OB/GYN and registered nurse. In January, 82 percent of our patients had already decided they wanted to continue their pregnancy but needed resources to overcome hurdles – lack of health insurance, domestic violence, undocumented status, low income – before they finalized their choice.

Many said our clinic was the first to offer help; other clinics recommended abortion and said they could not help if they opted to continue their pregnancy. Planned Parenthood often refers these patients to us. We connect them to low- and no-cost care, safe houses, and food and clothing resources. Ninety-nine percent of our patients report high satisfaction or satisfaction with services they received.

Women are strong and deserve to have comprehensive information about procedures they are considering for their bodies. Everitt chastises centers for sharing “gruesome descriptions” of abortion. We agree that inflammatory language and graphic photos are irresponsible, but so is minimizing what takes place in a pregnancy termination. Patients should be fully advised of risks and options to surgery. They should never be coerced into making a decision with insufficient data.

Everitt says that post-abortion stress syndrome has been debunked. Yet Susanne Babbel in Psychology Today says that the syndrome “is the name that has been given to the psychological aftereffects of abortion” based on post-traumatic stress disorder, and that “any event that causes trauma can indeed result in PTSD, and abortion is no exception.”

Everitt writes that “we can all agree that women should not be given medical misinformation.”

I hope she will consider this the next time she writes a misleading article about crisis pregnancy centers like ours, and promotes a culture where women are too weak to weigh medical consequences of elective procedures.

Marie Leatherby is executive director of the Sacramento Life Center, which runs the Sac Valley Pregnancy Clinic.

Read more here:

People Who Don’t Want Women to See Ultrasounds of their Babies – What Are They Thinking?

GeorgeLeventhalHe’s a really nice guy. George Leventhal, Montgomery County Maryland Council President, loves puppies. Presumably he likes babies…born ones, that is.

What motivates a nice guy like George, to want to impede women seeing their babies’ ultrasounds, what are his thought processes? Ultrasounds aren’t exactly cute, but people do get excited about them. We can’t presume to know George’s thinking, but it’s still important to try to understand what people who take his position have in mind. Continue reading

The History of Big Media Attacks on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

“On the Offensive”

The Early History of the Media Monopoly’s Coordinated Assault on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

The Maleficent Seven
1. CBS
3. CapCities/ABC
4. the New York Times
5. the Washington Post
6. Gannett/USA Today
7. and Time-Life.

The cooperation between the seven major media monopolies and Planned Parenthood was vividly illustrated in a series of co­ordinated stories during the eighteen months between October 1985 and March 1987 and again during the summer of 1992.

Concerned that the grassroots pro-life movement was at last gaining an upper hand in the abortion battle, Planned Parent­hood put together a well-orchestrated, heavily-financed, no-holds­ barred, negative public relations campaign. The campaign was aimed at the more than three thousand counseling centers established by pro-lifers in order to offer women, in the midst of crisis pregnancies, abortion alternatives and genuine help.

The centers, which were typically small, poorly financed, and run by volunteers, apparently had begun to substantially cut into the abortion trade. But, perhaps more importantly, they had also begun to steal Planned Parenthood’s thunder. The cen­ters were receiving favorable publicity from many quarters for their “helpful contributions to the process of developing informed choice on abortion.”

Planned Parenthood argued that many women were making appointments at the alternative centers thinking that they were actually abortion clinics. From time to time the volunteers at a few of the centers would allow that illusion to persist in the hopes of gaining a fair hearing on the facts of fetal development and the risks of abortion procedures. Although such tactics were ex­tremely few and far between, Planned Parenthood saw in them a golden opportunity.

AmySutnickPlotchAmy Sutnick, a public information associate for Planned Parenthood of New York City, wrote several news releases and put together a press packet labeling the alternative centers as “bogus” and “deceptive,” luring clients in by “masquerading” as abortion clinics and then “terrorizing” them with “horror stories,” “gory photographs,” and “brainwashing techniques.”

Sutnick approached a sympathetic reporter at the New York tabloid, the Daily News, with her packet and a proposal for a story. The reporter took the assignment and published a piece written along the lines of Sutnick’s news releases, often even using the same wording.

With the Daily News article now in hand, Sutnick began to call on other pro-abortion journalists in the city. Before long, she was able to place similar stories on virtually every New York television station, including the network affiliates, and in the other New York newspapers.

Soon the strategy began to snowball. Sutnick sent her grow­ing pile of clippings along with her press packet to Planned Parenthood affiliates, clinics, and chapters around the country so that they could contact their local media outlets. Meanwhile, she also contacted all the various women’s magazines.

Hundreds of articles, stories, editorials, profiles, and news features resulted. From Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan to the Detroit Free Press, the Houston Chronicle, and the New York Times, Planned Parenthood’s smear campaign confronted consumer audiences everywhere. Continue reading

Abortion Businesses Actively ‘Manage’ Moms’ Anxiety in Conflict Planning

The For-Profit Abortion Business trade organization “Naral” proclaims that it acts in the interest of “Women’s Health”—all the while it consciously manipulates them with fear.


A large contingent of anyone, even clinic defenders, can look scary and confusing to a client who was not prepared to see tons of people there. – BACAOR “Clinic Defense-A Model”, page 8

In general, clients want to be left alone. They don’t want to see escorts, ORs or anyone, and all their body language says that. If we can, we respect that, but it is crucial when a conflict is inevitable to let the client know that we are there to help her in. – BACAOR “Clinic Defense-A Model”, page 21

NARAL has come a long way, baby, since student days, transmogrifying "idealism" into an extremely profitable business enterprise. Yet lessons learned at the barricades are still of use today. Abortion businesses actively and consciously manage Moms’ anxiety in conflict planning.

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