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Soros Hack Reveals Payments to Push Abortion on the Irish

Mega-rich Americans are funding the abortion push in Ireland. Why?

Thanks to and the work of journalist Kevin Jones the truth is finally out there.

George Soros, a U.S. billionaire and one of the richest people in the world, has been secretly pumping funds into the push to legalise abortion in Ireland.

In a private memo, clearly never intended to be seen by the Irish people, Soros’ foundation takes aim at Irish laws protecting unborn babies, and commits to funding three groups who will work ‘collectively’ to legalise abortion – Amnesty Ireland, the Abortion Rights Campaign, and the IFPA.

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136,170 estimated abortions on Moms who felt pressured, paid for by Warren Buffett

$100,000,000 Estimated Amount paid for Abortions by Warren Buffett
$470 Average Cost of an Abortion as Cited by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2009
212,766 Estimated Number of Abortions Paid for by Warren Buffett
64% Percent of American Moms Who Felt Pressured to Abort. (217 Sample Moms)

Vincent M. Rue, Priscilla K. Coleman, James J. Rue, David C. Reardon.

“Induced abortion and traumatic stress: A preliminary comparison of American and Russian women.”

Med Sci Monit 2004; 10(10): SR5-16

136,170 Estimated Number of Abortions

on Moms Who Felt Pressured to Abort

Paid for by Warren Buffett

Since about 1875, when an anonymous author, Paterfamilias, candidly admitted that the rationale for limiting family size is to enjoy a higher standard of living, the typical business tycoon–Ford, Rockefeller, Gates and Buffett–has held that it is a sound business principle to support population control, to increase disposable income necessary for their products to be bought.

This is probably an irrational attitude engendered by the economy of scarcity, which falsely regards prosperity as having a negative gradient; whereas the truth is that the more liberal the culture of the commonwealth, the greater and more widely distributed is prosperity, for those at the top and for those at all economic levels.

It is unlikely that there could be a dispassionate study of the issue–whether or not larger families actually increase the market for manufactured industrial goods–because academics are typically invested in the abortion mentality.

Churches: Pray for Abortionists by Name Every Sunday

Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz

The idea comes from an early pro-life activist, Mike Schwartz, commemorated by C-Fam’s Austin Ruse in a recent article The Court Has Completely Destroyed Its Own Legitimacy, about the US Supreme Court, Texas abortion decision Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt (June 27, 2016).

(Our website carried an article relevant to this issue, An Abortion Business was fined $77 for a Patient Death; The Average Animal Shelter Fine: $5,305 – Abortion Clinic That allegedly Killed Woman and Failed Inspection Just Gets $77 Fine – Dog Pounds Are Better Regulated Than Abortion Businesses.)

In the middle of the article, Mr. Ruse wrote extensively about Mike Schwartz.

quotesAs we mourn all these things, though, let us also remember and celebrate someone whose name is not known to you but he is the man who thought all this up. He was the man whose idea it was to regulate abortion out of business. Mike Schwartz was his name and he died almost exactly three years ago from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Mike Schwartz was one of the country’s first pro-life soldiers and eventually one of our most important generals.

In college at the University of Dallas he helped form one of the very first pro-life groups in the country, the Sons of Thunder. With a name like that you can guess what they might have done first. They invaded an abortion clinic and all got arrested.


He helped found the March for Life. He worked for Paul Weyrich at the Free Congress Foundation, a group that split off from the Heritage Foundation because of Heritage’s reluctance to do pro-life work. For a long time, he was Legislative Director for Concerned Women for America. He worked for Tom Coburn in the US House and became his Chief of Staff in the Senate.

Mike was a salty saint. He would spend hours talking to homeless guys and he would know their names. He carried books of theology around with him and read them whenever there was a spare minute. He always had time for anyone and everyone who came into his path.

And he could talk the bluest of blue streaks at “gutless Republicans in the U.S. Senate” and “that band of criminals on the U.S. Supreme Court.” His lips would thin across bared teeth and he would call it the “Roe v. Wade Hate Crimes Against the Human Race Decision.”

I can hear him today enraged at what that band of criminals decided this week. But he would also chuckle because the whole process, even though we lost, for now, has been quite remarkable and has resulted in the other side spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and actually ended up closing clinics by the butchers not interested in making women safer. The whole process has educated the public, put big abortion under a microscope and made them, once more, defend the indefensible.

Mike thought all this out. He was the most tactical man you ever met.

For years he talked about outlawing abortion by eliminating it. By that he meant that if Roe went down today, abortion would still be legal and killing babies in most if not all the states. He meant that abortion had to be small enough so you could drown it in a bucket of water.

“When the total number of commercial abortions is no greater than 100,000 and the total number of abortion shops is less than 100, then we can say that the cancer has been shrunk sufficiently to cut it out,” he taught.

Before he died Mike put the distillation of a lifetime of thinking and acting into a single memo and handed it out to other leaders in the pro-life movement. I wish I still had mine. It is around here somewhere.

Mike said Churches should pray each Sunday for the local abortionist by name.

He said Churches should pray each Sunday for the local abortionist by name. He said all abortion clinic workers should be bonded so as to expose the criminal past of so many of them. He wanted to establish an Abortion Injury Compensation Fund to be funded by a tax on all abortions.

He said abortion clinics should be made into ambulatory surgical centers, knowing full well that it would force them to spend huge sums to do it.

And he said all abortion clinic doctors should be made to get admitting privileges at the local hospital. What Mike knew and what recent history has shown is most of these killers are unsavory characters who simply cannot get admitting privileges, which for any doctor are remarkably easy to get.

In the past few years more than 200 such laws have been enacted by heroic pro-life legislators all over the country. And hundreds of clinics have closed.

Mike would be furious today and he would rail against the Court and he would rail against big abortion and he would rail against the gutless Republicans who allowed all of this to happen and it would be wonderful to watch him in full rail.

Then he would say the Rosary, sharpen his pencil, and start chuckling as he came up with a dozen new and inventive ways to end abortion.