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Twin Brothers Become Priests After Their Mother Rejects Abortion

FathersPauloAndFelipeLizamaFr. Paulo Lizama and his identical twin, Fr. Felipe Lizama, were born in 1984 despite doctors encouraging their mother, Rosa Silva, to have an abortion.

Silva was a paramedic, and before discovering she was pregnant, exposed herself to x-rays while performing routine duties. At the time, abortion was legal in Chile for “therapeutic” reasons, and doctors encouraged her to end the life within her because her scans showed abnormalities. She was told that her baby had two heads, three arms, and its feet were sort of entangled. Silva said that instead of abortion, she would accept whatever God gave her.

When she delivered on September 10, 1984, two sons came out, and they were identical twins! Felipe was born first, but when Rosa’s placenta would not detach, doctors suggested scraping her womb. She refused, and 17 minutes later, Paulo was born. Continue reading

Alveda King speaks about her abortions—voluntary & involuntary

What Would Martin Luther King Jr Say About Abortion? He Would “Defend Life”

by Maria Vitale Gallagher | Washington, DC | | 7/23/2014

Pondering what the legendary civil rights figure might communicate in 140 characters or fewer on the social networking site Twitter is among the highlights in his niece Alveda King’s new book, King Rules.

Alveda King offers sample tweets taken from the speeches and writings of the heroic champion of non-violence and of harmony between the races.

“We are made to live together,” is among the quotes she envisions her uncle sending out into cyberspace. In Alveda’s view, the persons meant to live together would include unborn Americans.

In King Rules, Alveda King provides persuasive arguments for her contention that the ‘60s icon would have encouraged his followers to “defend life,” had he lived to see the 21st century. She maintains that her uncle never advocated for abortion. “I know this because I grew up with him and, more importantly, I grew up in the same values system that nurtured him and informs every word in this book,” Alveda King writes.

She further points out that in his 1958 book, Stride Toward Freedom, he stated, “The Negro cannot win…if he is willing to sell the future of his children for his personal and immediate comfort and safety.” Certainly, abortion eliminates a child’s future—and her present. Continue reading

She is What Abortion Looks Like, When It Doesn’t Work
by Sarah Zagorski | Washington, DC | | 7/2/2014

melissaohden10Nearly thirty-seven years ago, Melissa Ohden survived a saline infusion abortion. Now she is the founder of The Abortion Survivors Network, an organization that exists to educate the public on abortion survivors and to offer support to those who’ve survived failed abortions.

Last week, Ohden shared her testimony at the National Right to Life convention in Louisville, Kentucky. She began by explaining the abortion procedure that was intended to take her life.

salineAbortionDiagramDuring a saline infusion abortion, the abortionist inserts a needle through the mother’s abdomen and withdraws amniotic fluid. Then the fluid is replaced with a salt solution, which typically causes the unborn child to die within three days. Ohden said that children who die from saline abortions are sometimes referred to as “red-skins” or “candy apple babies” because the salt solution turns their skin bright red and peels it away as it moves into the internal organs.

For some unknown reason, Ohden soaked in the poisonous solution two days longer than usual, but was born alive on the fifth day. She weighed almost three pounds. Like many others, a family member coerced her biological mother into having the abortion. While intense pressure to abort often comes from husbands and partners, Ohden’s maternal grandmother was the family member demanding the abortion.

Since her grandmother was a prominent nurse and knew a local abortionist, she was able to bypass hospital procedures to facilitate a “secret abortion”. Ohden said, “My mother wasn’t just coerced, she was forced to have an abortion that was meant to end my life and changed her forever.” While the pro-abortion movement always talks about abortion as a “choice” and as a “right”, many don’t realize that 64% of women are victims of coerced abortion.

When Ohden was born alive, someone at the hospital insisted that she should be left to die. Originally, she thought the abortionist was the one who gave the order. However, this past year Ohden learned that it was actually her grandmother who demanded her death. Thankfully, despite her grandmother’s persistence, two nurses provided medical care that ultimately saved her life.

She continued by explaining how her mother’s forced abortion ruined relationships in her family. After the abortion, her mother and father split up and her mother severed contact with her grandparents. When Ohden finally found her mother and father, she wrote them each a letter extending forgiveness and love. She also said that if they ever wanted to reach out to her, she would be waiting.

Sadly in 2008, Ohden’s father passed away. He never did respond to her letter, but eventually she was able to connect with some members of her father’s family. She also established a relationship with her biological mother. To this day, her mother is still healing from the pain of her forced abortion.

Ohden said, “Her greatest regret as a woman in her fifties is that she never ran away from her own family. I always have to point that out to those who are pro-abortion. Where is the empowerment in that for a women, for that to be her greatest regret?”