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R2L rebuttal to the Sacramento Bee article against Crisis Pregnancy Centers/CPCs

NARAL is at war with pregnancy centers throughout the country, but why? Because the pregnancy centers are having an effect on the abortion industry’s blood-money flow. Women are turning to CPCs and choosing life! Although there are many cover-ups and neglects perpetrated by the abortion providers which NARAL so avidly supports; R2L would like to call out just a few by dissecting the scenario that NARAL’s Amy Everitt’s provided in her Sacramento Bee article.

Amy’s scenario in the Bee – “A young and scared pregnant woman walks into what looks like a medical clinic seeking help. When she says that she has a scholarship to start college and doesn’t feel ready to be a parent, a staff person tells her that she’s already a mother and college can wait. When she asks about abortion, she is told that if she has one, any future pregnancy will be sad because she’ll feel like she doesn’t deserve children. They say that if she has an abortion and doesn’t tell anyone, she could die alone and no one would ever know what happened to her.”

1. “A young”– What age does NARAL consider to be young and do they care if women are under age? Let’s look at one of the organizations NARAL emphatically backs, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was caught covering-up child sex trafficking and illegally not reporting rape. For documented evidence, please read the linked article on Personhood USA and the story of an abused 13 year old on Live Action.

2. “Scared pregnant woman”– Why is the woman scared? Does NARAL or the Abortion provider ask or care? According to the Vitae Foundation, 64% of women are bullied into having an abortion. R2L prayer vigil members have actually heard first-hand accounts of this bullying from the victims outside of the abortion facility on Butano Dr.

3. “She has a scholarship to start college”– Women do lose their Athletic scholarships if they become pregnant, please google this issue or go to this ESPN article. This is prejudicial! Is NARAL investigating this prejudice against women and are they defending them? There is no evidence to support that they are.

4. “Doesn’t feel ready to be a parent”– If you’re not ready to be a parent, should the baby die? Please consider the loving option of adoption! A study conducted by the Journal of Social Issues stated that 81% of women surveyed said they felt victimized by the abortion process, and that they were either coerced into the abortion or that information about alternatives or the actual procedure had been withheld.

5. “A staff person tells her that she’s already a mother and college can wait.”– Could not find evidence of this when researching.

6. “When she asks about abortion, she is told that if she has one, any future pregnancy will be sad because she’ll feel like she doesn’t deserve children.” R2L members have personally heard from post-abortive women that their future pregnancies were sad and that the new pregnancy did bring-up memories of the abortion. Does NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Family Planning Associates or any other abortion provider send out a questionnaire to post-abortive women to see what their thoughts and feelings are after an abortion? I researched PP, FPA, and NARAL and couldn’t find a survey.

7. “They say that if she has an abortion and doesn’t tell anyone, she could die alone and no one would ever know what happened to her.”– Women do die as a result of complications from the abortion procedure both at home and at abortion facilities. If pieces of the baby are left inside the womb or the womb is cut during the abortion, the woman will experience complications such as internal bleeding and/or sepsis. If she passes out at home and is alone, then death can and has occurred. Please reference emergency information at Complications of Abortion.

DOCUMENTED ARTICLES: Please visit the Operation Rescue site for articles on, and a list of women who have died from complications due to an abortion. Also, please see Planned Parenthood’s cover-up of the danger of abortion.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that there are approximately 60 million men and women who have died through abortion; they’re the babies unable to speak for themselves! Please keep them in your prayers!

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E-Mails Reveal Maryland Government Officials Collaborating With NARAL To Shut Down Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

Seven Point Plan Suggests a National NARAL Initiative to Shut Down CPCs

Dustin Siggins | LifeSiteNews | January 15, 2015

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request have revealed that Maryland government officials and activists with the state chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America have been working closely together on a legal effort to shut down a local pro-life pregnancy care center.

The emails have also revealed a seven-part plan developed by NARAL to shut down pro-life pregnancy care centers that could indicate a nationwide strategy.

“[Crisis Pregnancy Centers, CPCs] are rapidly medicalizing—consistently acquiring more medical equipment and staff. Requiring [CPCs] to disclose that they do not have medical personnel on staff [can] often backfire.…[The successful medicalizing by CPCs] detracts from our core objection to [CPCs]. It does not matter if [CPCs] hire doctors or house state-of-the-art equipment: they are still manipulating women with lies and misleading information.” — NARAL Maryland Chapter President Jodi Finkelstein, letter, to Mongomery County Council President Craig Rice

In 2010, Montgomery County passed an ordinance requiring Centro Tepeyac Silver Spring Women’s Center and other pro-life pregnancy care clinics to post signs stating that they did not have doctors on staff. The county claimed it wanted to prevent pro-life clinics from giving women misleading information.

Represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, Centro fought the ordinance, which did not apply to abortion clinics. On April 30, 2014, Montgomery County dropped its defense of the law after a third decision against it on March 7, in which U.S. District Judge Deborah Chasanow, a Clinton appointee, noted that the people who accused the centers of spreading “misinformation” were “universally volunteers from a pro-choice organization sent to investigate practices” at the centers.

The emails obtained by LifeSiteNews reveal that, unbeknownst to the public, Montgomery County dropped the case after conferring with NARAL. The county stopped defending the law the month after NARAL recommended that very action in a March 14, 2014 letter, sent a week after the judge permanently blocked the law.

“It is our hope that the Montgomery County Council (Council) will once again partner with us to ensure Montgomery Council citizens are aware of the misleading tactics used by crisis pregnancy centers,” Maryland’s NARAL chapter president, Jodi Finkelstein, wrote.

In the letter, sent by the county to LifeSiteNews along with other emails through a Freedom of Information Act request, Finkelstein “strongly” recommended that the county drop the case and implement seven other strategies.

Those strategies include:

  1. Prosecuting volunteers and employees of pregnancy care centers for “consumer protection violations”;
  2. Forbidding Centro from “participating in advertising” that county officials deem “untrue or misleading”;
  3. Allowing women who claim they were “harmed by limited-service pregnancy centers to collect monetary damages” from women’s centers;
  4. Denying taxpayer funding to crisis pregnancy centers;
  5. Instructing county officials not to refer women to CPCs for ultrasounds or to “very clearly differentiate the centers from legitimate medical providers”;
  6. Having the county undertake a “public awareness campaign”  against pregnancy centers; and
  7. The regulation of ultrasound practices.

“We are pleased to offer our continued assistance in any way as you move forward,” Finkelstein writes.

  • See a PDF file of the emails LifeSiteNews obtained here. Finkelstein’s letter is on pages 5-7.

“I am also asking … the County Council staff to research federal regulations … governing the use of ultrasounds.” – George Leventhal, Montgomery County Maryland Council President
George Leventhal, the current Montgomery County Council president, followed up on NARAL’s recommendations in an email March 16, 2014 asking staff to take action. He told Finkelstein he was “copying Uma Ahluwalia, director of the Department of Health and Human Services, on this reply with a request that she let me know whether county funds are currently supporting limited-service pregnancy centers and under what terms and conditions women are referred to such centers.”

“I am also asking Amanda Mahill of the County Council staff to research federal regulations referenced in your letter governing the use of ultrasounds,” he added. Continue reading