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Marie Leatherby: "Women Deserve Full Information On Abortion"

Amy Everitt declares 43 crisis pregnancy centers in California a “threat to public health” (“Crisis pregnancy centers threaten women’s health,” Viewpoints, March 12).

Her main criticism is alleged misinformation. Yet throughout the article, she spreads misinformation mostly based on an investigation performed by her organization – California’s National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League chapter – a biased source.

The Sacramento Life Center has medical licenses for all three clinics run by an OB/GYN and registered nurse. In January, 82 percent of our patients had already decided they wanted to continue their pregnancy but needed resources to overcome hurdles – lack of health insurance, domestic violence, undocumented status, low income – before they finalized their choice.

Many said our clinic was the first to offer help; other clinics recommended abortion and said they could not help if they opted to continue their pregnancy. Planned Parenthood often refers these patients to us. We connect them to low- and no-cost care, safe houses, and food and clothing resources. Ninety-nine percent of our patients report high satisfaction or satisfaction with services they received.

Women are strong and deserve to have comprehensive information about procedures they are considering for their bodies. Everitt chastises centers for sharing “gruesome descriptions” of abortion. We agree that inflammatory language and graphic photos are irresponsible, but so is minimizing what takes place in a pregnancy termination. Patients should be fully advised of risks and options to surgery. They should never be coerced into making a decision with insufficient data.

Everitt says that post-abortion stress syndrome has been debunked. Yet Susanne Babbel in Psychology Today says that the syndrome “is the name that has been given to the psychological aftereffects of abortion” based on post-traumatic stress disorder, and that “any event that causes trauma can indeed result in PTSD, and abortion is no exception.”

Everitt writes that “we can all agree that women should not be given medical misinformation.”

I hope she will consider this the next time she writes a misleading article about crisis pregnancy centers like ours, and promotes a culture where women are too weak to weigh medical consequences of elective procedures.

Marie Leatherby is executive director of the Sacramento Life Center, which runs the Sac Valley Pregnancy Clinic.

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People Who Don’t Want Women to See Ultrasounds of their Babies – What Are They Thinking?

GeorgeLeventhalHe’s a really nice guy. George Leventhal, Montgomery County Maryland Council President, loves puppies. Presumably he likes babies…born ones, that is.

What motivates a nice guy like George, to want to impede women seeing their babies’ ultrasounds, what are his thought processes? Ultrasounds aren’t exactly cute, but people do get excited about them. We can’t presume to know George’s thinking, but it’s still important to try to understand what people who take his position have in mind. Continue reading

An Abortion Business was fined $77 for a Patient Death; The Average Animal Shelter Fine: $5,305

Abortion Clinic That allegedly Killed Woman
and Failed Inspection Just Gets $77 Fine

Dog Pounds Are Better Regulated
Than Abortion Businesses

John Jansen April 3, 2015 | Chicago, Illinois | LifeNews

Imagine you run a shoddy abortion clinic that amasses a $36,000 fine by your state’s health department after an 18-year old patient dies.


“Women’s Aid Center” Abortion Business “Providing the Support and Care You Deserve”

You file for bankruptcy, but your case is dismissed.

Then, you close out your bank account, dissolve your old company, change your name, and move to a different location.

When the state comes calling, you say the old company doesn’t exist anymore, so the state’s out of luck.

You couldn’t get away with that, could you?

Believe it or not, the Pro-Life Action League has learned that an Illinois Appellate Court has just decided [PDF] that a Chicago abortion clinic can do just that by requiring the owner to pay a mere $77.

Abortion Clinic Owner Felt “Victimized” by “Unfair” Health Department Inspection

To understand how things got to this point, we have to back up a few years.

On September 6-7, 2011, inspectors with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) visited the Women’s Aid Clinic abortion facility, located in the northern Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood, for the first time in 15 years.

What they found shocked them. According to the IDPH:

The condition of the facility has deteriorated to a point where “the public interest, health, safety, or welfare imperatively requires” that the facility’s license be suspended on an emergency basis. (210 ILCS 5/10f(c)).

The full report from the IDPH’s 2011 inspection of Women’s Aid Clinic is posted here [PDF]. (It’s also worth noting that Women’s Aid owner Larisa Rozansky later told an AP reporter that she felt “victimized by the surprise inspection,” which she called “unfair.”)

Six weeks later, on October 21, 2011 the state assessed [PDF] Women’s Aid Clinic with a fine of $36,000 for a host of serious violations, including failure to perform CPR on 18-year old Antonesha Ross, who died following an abortion. The state also suspended the license of Women’s Aid to operate as a pregnancy termination specialty center (PTSC) and prohibited the facility from performing surgical abortions—although it is still permitted to perform medication abortions.

Knowing a fine was coming, Women’s Aid owner Larisa Rozansky filed for bankruptcy [PDF] on October 10, but her case was dismissed a few weeks later.

And although Rozansky wrote a letter to the IDPH stating [PDF] that Women’s Aid Clinic would be closing on November 10, 2011, Women’s Aid Clinic continued to advertise surgical abortions and do business under the very name “Women’s Aid Clinic” for several months thereafter.

In January 2012, activists working with the Pro-Life Action League notified the IDPH that Women’s Aid was continuing to advertise surgical abortions. Following a cease and desist letter from the the IDPH’s William Bell in March 2012, Women’s Aid eventually took it down from its website.

Owner Claims Abortion Clinic “Does Not Exist”

In that letter [PDF], the IDPH also reminded Rozansky that if she did not pay the $36,000 fine, the matter would be turned over to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Rozansky responded with a letter [PDF] saying that “Women’s Aid Clinic does not exist and does not have any assets or associated bank accounts.” Continue reading

Abortion Businesses Actively ‘Manage’ Moms’ Anxiety in Conflict Planning

The For-Profit Abortion Business trade organization “Naral” proclaims that it acts in the interest of “Women’s Health”—all the while it consciously manipulates them with fear.


A large contingent of anyone, even clinic defenders, can look scary and confusing to a client who was not prepared to see tons of people there. – BACAOR “Clinic Defense-A Model”, page 8

In general, clients want to be left alone. They don’t want to see escorts, ORs or anyone, and all their body language says that. If we can, we respect that, but it is crucial when a conflict is inevitable to let the client know that we are there to help her in. – BACAOR “Clinic Defense-A Model”, page 21

NARAL has come a long way, baby, since student days, transmogrifying "idealism" into an extremely profitable business enterprise. Yet lessons learned at the barricades are still of use today. Abortion businesses actively and consciously manage Moms’ anxiety in conflict planning.

Babies’ Stem Cells Can Heal Mothers’ Hearts

Scientist Tells UN Babies’ Stem Cells Can Heal Mothers’ Hearts
By Rebecca Oas, Ph.D | February 19, 2015
Womens Health Forum

NEW YORK, February 20 | Unborn children can contribute stem cells that help repair their pregnant mothers’ diseased heart tissue, a scientist told a conference on women’s health at the UN last week. This groundbreaking research with ethical stem cells provides promise for treatments for other heart disease patients in the future.

Dr. Hina Chaudhry of Mount Sinai School of Medicine presented her research to enthusiastic applause at a two-day forum on women’s health helmed by Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite, granddaughter of King Faisal I of Iraq, who is also a biomedical researcher.

Conference speakers discussed a range of topics relating to women’s mental and physical health, as well as women’s contributions to the field of medicine and health policy. Dr. Chaudhry noted that her research – which has since been published in some of the top journals in her field – initially proved difficult to fund, in part because it focused on a relatively rare observation most frequently seen in women of ethnic minorities.

Princess Dr. Nisreen El-Hashemite

Its implications could be much bigger. Researchers had previously known that fetal cells could remain in the mother’s body after birth – a phenomenon known as microchimerism – but Chaudhry and her team revealed the potential healing effects of this for cardiac disease.

“Identifying an ideal stem cell type for cardiac regeneration has been a major challenge in heart disease research,” said Dr. Chaudhry in a press release describing a paper showing that fetal stem cells from the placenta could be used to regenerate heart tissue. “Embryonic stem cells have shown potential but come with ethical concerns,” she added. Continue reading

Reduced Maternal Mortality in Mexican provinces that restrict abortion

CONCEPTION, Chile, February 25, 2015 ( – An international team of medical researchers comparing maternal mortality rates and abortion laws in 32 Mexican states claims it has disproven the claim of abortion promoters that easy access to abortion will reduce maternal deaths.

BMJopenComparing 14 states with constitutional protection for the unborn with 18 states with varying degrees of permissiveness over 10 years, the Chilean-Mexican-American team found that the less permissive states had a maternal mortality rate 23% lower, and a post-abortive mortality rate “up to” 47% lower.

Team member Dr. John Thorp of the University of North Carolina medical school said in a video released along with the study that it “pretty much refutes the conventional wisdom” that freer access to abortion will reduce maternal fatalities because abortions will be done in safe conditions.

The research director, Dr. Elard Koch, director of the sponsoring MELISA Institute and an associate researcher with the University of Chile’s faculty of medicine, said in the same video that the study does not show “making abortion laws less permissive will automatically decrease maternal deaths.”

Continue reading

Society needs you, Pope Francis tells large families

Pontiff urges policy-makers to support larger families

Large families benefit society by offering a “model for solidarity and sharing”, the Pope has said.

Addressing an estimated 7,000 members of the Italian National Association of Large Families at the Paul VI Audience Hall, Francis said: “In a world often marked by selfishness, the large family is a model for solidarity and sharing, and this attitude then becomes a benefit for the whole society.”

He continued: “The presence of large families is a hope for society. And for this reason, the presence of grandparents is very important: a precious presence for both practical help and above all, educational support.

“Grandparents preserve in themselves the values of a people, of a family, and help parents to transmit them to children. In the last century, in many countries of Europe, the grandparents were those who transmitted the faith: they secretly brought the child to receive baptism and transmitted the faith to them.”

The Pope also urged policy-makers to support larger families.

“I hope, therefore, thinking also of the low fertility rate that Italy has had for a long time … one per cent, almost nothing … there will be greater attention from politics and public administrators at every level to give support to these families,” Francis said, according to the website Crux.

The meeting took place on the feast of the Holy Family. In his Sunday Angelus address, the Pontiff reflected on the challenges facing families around the world, the topic of next October’s synod of bishops.

He said: “This light which comes from the Holy Family encourages us to offer human warmth in those family situation in which, for various reasons, there is a lack of peace and harmony and forgiveness. Our concrete solidarity is just as present, especially when it comes to families who are undergoing difficult situations because of illness, lack of work, discrimination and the need to emigrate.”

Twin Brothers Become Priests After Their Mother Rejects Abortion

FathersPauloAndFelipeLizamaFr. Paulo Lizama and his identical twin, Fr. Felipe Lizama, were born in 1984 despite doctors encouraging their mother, Rosa Silva, to have an abortion.

Silva was a paramedic, and before discovering she was pregnant, exposed herself to x-rays while performing routine duties. At the time, abortion was legal in Chile for “therapeutic” reasons, and doctors encouraged her to end the life within her because her scans showed abnormalities. She was told that her baby had two heads, three arms, and its feet were sort of entangled. Silva said that instead of abortion, she would accept whatever God gave her.

When she delivered on September 10, 1984, two sons came out, and they were identical twins! Felipe was born first, but when Rosa’s placenta would not detach, doctors suggested scraping her womb. She refused, and 17 minutes later, Paulo was born. Continue reading


Sacramento Bishop Soto Calls on Gov Brown to Support Human Services, not Population Control

The Most Rev. Jaime Soto, president of the California Catholic Conference and Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, issued the following statement upon word that the recently passed State Budget includes a 40% increase in rates paid to abortion providers, but continues a 10% cut in all other hospital and provider fees that endangers access to care for all women and families participating in the Medi-Cal Program:

“It’s no secret that millions of Californians, along with the Catholic Church, consider abortion the taking of an innocent human life. It is an intrinsic evil. No euphemism, no perversion of language can change that essential Truth.

“But buried deeply in the State Budget, and in the Medi-Cal Estimates provided by the Department of Health Care Services, is the fact that at a time when all health care provider rates remain slashed by 10% and women and families are struggling to find doctors, nurses and hospitals willing and able to provide essential medical care, abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and others are poised to receive a 40% increase in the fees they receive for performing abortions.

“This is insanely distorted health care. At a time when the state claims it is too poor to fully fund health care for nearly 10 million people, and women are struggling to find providers to give them basic medical care, the state returns a political favor by giving extra money to abortion providers.

“If that’s not bad enough, the Medi-Cal estimate that lays out this policy (attached), explains this is a cost-effective decision, because ‘Early statewide access insures services are less costly, whereas lack of access results in increased ongoing expenses for years.’

“In other words, it’s cheaper for state government to pay for abortions than care for mothers and children. By approving this budget, State elected officials are choosing abortion and pushing their preference on to women.

“What a callous and calculating thing for anyone to say, much less a government official.

“I call on Gov. Brown and the Department of Health Care Services to undo this wrong. Women deserve better. Children are not a threat to California. We believe abortion is bad health care for women and families. It is misguided to give special treatment to abortion providers. California should do better than this. Rollback this increase and fund essential health care, don’t double-down on something as wrong as abortion.”

Baby Gives Life to Mom

A Mother’s life was saved by her unborn child.

BabySavedMomNicola Weller went to hospital for surgery to remove a tumor from her womb after somehow becoming pregnant even though she was on an IUD. The scan showed she was pregnant and Weller was shocked because she had been fitted with the contraceptive coil. Doctors discovered the pregnancy hormones had caused the tumor to disintegrate, meaning she did not require any treatment for it.

Weller eventually gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy named Brandon in September 2010 and there has been no sign of the tumor returning.

This is the miracle baby who saved his mother’s life – by destroying a cancerous tumour that was growing in her womb.

Doctors feared for Nicola Weller’s life when they discovered a tumour in her womb after she had complained about a swelling under her ribs.

Mrs Weller first discovered the swelling under her rib in September 2009. She went to see her GP who referred her to Bridport Community Hospital in Dorset for a scan.

Doctors told her there was a tumour growing around her womb and she needed an operation to remove it.

She was referred for a hospital scan 12 weeks later prior to an operation to remove it, but when they carried out the scan, doctors made the most startling discovery.

Weller, 29, was unknowingly seven weeks pregnant – despite using the contraceptive coil – and the pregnancy hormones had causes the tumour to disintegrate.

Mrs Weller, a recruitment specialist, said:

‘It was absolutely unbelievable. I hadn’t planned to get pregnant and I’d had the contraceptive coil fitted.

WellerMomAndBaby‘So getting pregnant was a miracle in itself – but to find that my unborn baby had caused this tumour to disappear was a further miracle. All that was left on the scan was a few blobs of blood floating around. There was no other sign of it.

‘My baby ended up saving my life. Without him I may not have been here today.’

“If a baby is carried to term, his or her mom will have a decreased risk of ovarian cancer.”

According to the American Cancer Society, “Women who have been pregnant and carried it to term have a lower risk of ovarian cancer than women who have not. The risk goes down with each full-term pregnancy. Breastfeeding may lower the risk even further.” The protective effect of pregnancy can last twelve years or more. The spacing of births does not appear to be a factor.

“If she’s under 30, add a decreased risk of breast cancer.”

Although women’s heath groups agree that giving birth at a young age decreases a woman’s lifetime risk of breast cancer, the exact maternal age limit is hard to pinpoint. states “Women who have never had a full-term pregnancy, or had their first full-term pregnancy after age 30, have an increased risk of breast cancer,” while the Susan G. Komen Foundation reports that childbirth protects first-time mothers as old as 35. The underlying hormonal mechanisms are not fully understood; see this Science Daily piece for a recent study on mice that may provide some answers.

“And preliminary research suggests that some of the baby’s stem cells will stay behind to repair her injuries for years or even decades after the child’s birth.” 

Much research remains to be done concerning this phenomenon, which is known as fetomaternal microchimerism. “Fetal cells exhibit a remarkable ability to migrate across the placenta into the mother and to integrate with diverse maternal tissues and organs, apparently homing in particularly to sites of damage and disease.” Recent studies of mother mice who suffered from strokes and heart failure indicate that fetal cells have a healing effect.

Underwear Affair

Ana Mendoza and Victor Ulanday with their children, two-year-old Nathan and five-year-old Lanna.

‘He’s my miracle baby’: North Vancouver BC mom with cancer fighting for her life

Jennifer Gauthier/ Metro Ana Mendoza and Victor Ulanday with their children, two-year-old Nathan and five-year-old Lanna.

Even when the pain becomes unbearable, cancer patient Ana Mendoza said one glance at her two-year-old son Nathan makes it all go away.

“He’s my miracle baby,” the North Vancouver mom told Metro from her bed at Lion’s Gate Hospital. “I tell him every day.”

Now two and a half years old, Nathan may not understand what his mom means when she says that, but Mendoza said she never wants him to forget how he helped save her life.

Mendoza was 17 weeks pregnant with Nathan when, during a routine checkup with her doctor, she and husband Victor Ulanday received the shocking and devastating diagnosis that she had Stage II cervical cancer.

“The first thing they wanted us to do was terminate the pregnancy,” she said. “It was very intimidating because it seemed like I had no other choice.”

Faced with the seemingly impossible decision, Mendoza, 40, said she couldn’t fathom losing the pregnancy. If it wasn’t for Nathan, Mendoza said she wouldn’t have known she had cancer. She decided to ask her doctor if there were any other options.

“I couldn’t let him go,” she said. “He’s totally the guy who saved my life.”

When an oncologist suggested trying a low dose of chemotherapy during the pregnancy to prevent the tumour from growing, Mendoza agreed to try. But seven weeks later, doctors were shocked to find the tumour, initially two centimeters, had continued growing despite the chemotherapy. It was now almost seven centimetres, she said.

Twenty-eight weeks into her pregnancy, Mendoza gave birth to a severely premature baby boy. Soon after, she started full-dose chemo and radiation, but still managed to spend every other waking moment beside Nathan’s incubator in the neo-natal intensive care unit, praying that he would survive.

“I made him a deal that I’ll take all the pain and then you do really well,” she said. “I’ll go through anything so that you survive and you do really well, and that’s what happened.”

Eventually both Mendoza and Nathan were discharged and went back home to be with the rest of the family, including the couple’s daughter, five-year-old Lanna.

Both seemed to be healthy until early last year when Mendoza suddenly developed a severe pain in her back, followed by lumps in her neck a few months later.

The cancer had returned and spread to her lymphatic system, doctors told her. She was given six months left to live.

“The lumps were everywhere,” she said. “Because of that, they said they can’t do anything.”

A year later, Mendoza said she is still taking her battle day by day. Last week, she suddenly couldn’t move her legs and was admitted to hospital again. Doctors told her a tumour on her vertebrae has caused her to become paralyzed.

Her pain is also becoming increasingly worse, she said.

“It’s hard,” she said, adding that she’s trying to focus instead on things that make her happy, like spending time with her kids. “We’re managing symptoms now.”

While he tries to stay strong for Ana, Ulanday said his wife’s strength throughout her battle continues to floor him. On Saturday, Ulanday is taking part in Vancouver’s annual Underwear Affair in honour of his heroic wife. The event sees participants walk, race or complete challenges while wearing their underwear to raise awareness of below-the-waist cancers and raise funds for cancer research at the B.C. Cancer Agency.

“She’s my rock,” he said. “She’s been fighting this with grace and courage for the whole nine yards.”

Although Nathan is too young to comprehend the severity of his mom’s illness, Ulanday said he hopes his son will one day understand how deeply his mother cared for him.

“Your mommy always loved you,” he said, fighting back tears. “Your mommy is always going to be there loving you.”