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Natural Family Planning (NFP)—Pro-Woman – Pro-Man – Pro-Child


Increase in Divorce, 1960 ≈ 9%
— 1980 ≈ 23% (Dot Markers)
historically correlated with increase in use of
Artificial Contraception (The Pill) in the period 1960–1980

Pill 23%
NFP 0.02% 0.02%

NFP Awareness Week

50% of marriages end
in divorce within 20 years.

Natural Family Planning pregnancy regulation rates exceed or equal the success of all invasive & unhealthful, “reversible methods of Birth Control” listed by the Centers for Disease Control.

Graph source: Reader’s Digest. (RD did not associate this graph with The Pill.)

NFPoutreachNFP Outreach is a dynamic apostolate with an active speaker’s bureau.

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