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Father Leatherby complements the Presentation Right to Life SIDEWALK COUNSELORS


Another baby saved!  – On December 18th we saved our Christmas baby!  A huge thank you to Beth Tatge who was courageous enough to approach the escort and convince him to go into the mill and get the mother. To the relief of all present, the escort came out of the mill with the mother and all drove to the pregnancy center instead!

At least 6 babies saved in 2014!! – In 2014 we saved the lives of 6 babies and possibly another 2; yet, we’ll never know the true number as many women skip their appointment when they see us. Saving the lives of these precious babies and preventing grave mortal sins are the greatest acts of mercy anyone can do!!! God bless everyone who chooses to serve humanity in this way!


We’re heroes to both the babies and the parents that we saved from a lifetime of pain.

You can also become a hero! As the New Year approaches, please consider joining us to bring the gospel of hope to parents and bystanders every Thursday at the Butano mill.


I wanted to give honorable mention to Fr. Lee and our Respect Life Committee.Two Thursdays ago, when I went to the sidewalk of our local the abortion clinic to pray with our fellow parishioners, I noticed that Fr. Lee was speaking with a woman at her car. I discovered that, when she arrived that morning for an abortion and saw Fr. Lee and others praying, her heart was moved. She was so thankful that people were on the sidewalk. She hadn’t wanted to go through with the procedure, but didn’t feel like she had any hope or support. She found both in our witness to life. She decided to keep her baby!



‘Frisco Apes Boston Subverting Supreme Court Buffer Zone Ruling

Abortion Industry Defies Supposedly SUPREME Court at Will – McCullen v Coakley 2014

Abortion Advocates Try to Silence Peaceful Pro-Life Protestors in California

by Sarah Zagorski | San Francisco, CA | | 9/5/2014

Even though a recent U.S Supreme Court ruling decided that pro-lifers should have free speech in front of abortion facilities, abortion advocates are still scrambling to pass buffer zone laws around the country. The most recent attempt is in San Francisco, California.

The San Francisco Gate Reports:

“San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Malia Cohen later this month will introduce legislation modeled on a new law in Massachusetts that attempts to preserve a buffer zone in front of clinics that offer abortion and other reproductive services, despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking such zones down.

The difference in both the new Massachusetts and San Francisco versions is that the zone would only apply once a problem occurs – such as a police officer determining that an antiabortion protester is harassing a woman seeking an abortion – and would not exist at all times. The officer could then order the protester to move 25 feet away from the clinic or face arrest.

“Access to reproductive health and family planning are things the mayor thinks are very important for San Francisco families,” said Lee’s spokeswoman, Christine Falvey. “He wants to make sure the city does all it can and should to protect those rights for women in San Francisco.”

San Francisco officials in 1993 created an 8-foot “bubble zone” around anyone within 100 feet of a health care facility, but Supervisor David Campos last year argued that was ineffective because antiabortion protesters stood in one place rather than coming within 8 feet of people entering clinics.

He sponsored legislation last year that was adopted, creating a 25-foot buffer zone around the entrances, exits and driveways of reproductive health facilities. But the Supreme Court earlier this year struck down Massachusetts’ 35-foot no-protest zone around clinics, saying it violates protesters’ free speech.

San Francisco officials have been searching for a way to legally protect women entering reproductive health clinics since then – and have anticipated that their own 25-foot buffer zone could be subject to a lawsuit by antiabortion protesters.

Police Chief Greg Suhr, meantime, has been attempting to crack down on harassment outside Planned Parenthood on Valencia Street and similar clinics by using a 20-year-old section of the city’s municipal police code that prohibits “aggressive pursuit … with the intent to cause annoyance, intimidation or fear on the part of the person being pursued.”

The section can refer to following or harassing somebody. Violators are subject to fines and a six-month jail term.

The new legislation, being crafted by the city attorney’s office, would combine that penal code section with the buffer-zone idea. It would allow police officers to implement a 25-foot buffer zone outside a clinic if they determine that aggressive pursuit or harassment is taking place. Most likely, the clinic staff would call the police department when they spot such behavior outside.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick in July signed a law permitting police to order anyone who “impedes” people entering or exiting abortion clinics to move 25 feet away from the clinic until it closes for the day. People who resist could face a $500 fine and jail time.

The details of San Francisco’s version are still being worked out.”

While their are definitely examples of pro-lifers acting in unloving ways toward women, the majority of these counselors are just like Eleanor McCullen, who was the head plaintiff in the Massachusetts case. Eleanor, a 77 year-old grandmother, peacefully talked to women considering abortion and said that hundreds of women changed their mind because of her presence in front of the abortion clinic.

Unfortunately, when a woman walks into an abortion facility she may not find out that abortion has risks; or that the life growing with her already has a heartbeat, fingernails and a different genetic code than that of its mother. The problem is many abortion advocates aren’t really interested in protecting women. Their true desire is to silence the truth about abortion.

After the Supreme Court ruled that buffer zones was an infringement on freedom of speech, Judie Brown, President of American Life League said, “The abortion industry thrives in the United States because it continually lies to women. Side walk counselors are able to change minds and hearts by simply offering help to women in crisis situations.”

Additionally, California is in great need of loving pro-life counselors because they consistently have a high abortion rate. In 2011, 182,000 abortions were performed, which is 40% more than the national average.

Numerous Babies Saved by God after Presentation Parishioners Prayed at Butano

INotTooLaten recent weeks, at least three babies have been saved from abortion at Family Planning Associates abortion business at 2322 Butano, where Presentation Parish has been praying every Thursday morning! Just think if every church in the state went to pray at their nearest abortion business!  This young woman came out saying “I took off my gown, got off the table, changed my mind, and decided NOT to go through with my abortion.  I’ve decided to keep my baby!” What a difference your prayers and your presence makes!  Thank you to Mary and her Respect Life Ministry at Presentation Parish for maintaining a peaceful, prayerful, life-saving presence there at 2322 Butano every Thursday, which is abortion day at that location. — Wynette Sills


Presentation Parish members pray for LIFE every Thursday at 2322 Butano Drive.
Three babies have been saved from abortion this month!
Just think if every abortion business in CA had local churches praying in front!
What a difference your prayers can make!