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Dallas Catholic diocese holds memorial to mark closure of abortion facility

by Dustin Siggins

DALLAS, TX, June 10, 2014 ( – The Catholic Diocese of Dallas continued its 13-year tradition of offering prayers outside newly closed abortion clinics in the city Saturday.

The diocese held its fourth Mass and memorial service in that period outside the former site of Northpark Medical Group, which closed earlier this year due to the abortion regulations passed in Texas last year. The service drew approximately 170 people.NorthparkMedicalGroup

Memorial service attendees lay down flowers outside Northpark Medical Group on Saturday.Northpark’s closure left Dallas, one of the nation’s largest cities, with four abortion facilities. According to Karen Garnett, executive director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee at the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas, the city had 13 abortion facilities in 1990.

Fr. Paul McCormick, O.Cist., led the memorial service. According to Garnett, “The powerful service included special prayers, readings, hymns, testimonials, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the laying of flowers at the site as Taps was played on the trumpet.”

The service is part of the continuous efforts by the Diocese of Dallas to end abortion in the city. From his installment as Bishop until 1997, Bishop Charles Grahmann had a tradition of praying in front of the city’s abortion clinics on the second Saturday of each month. While he stopped this tradition in 1997, the diocese organized committed prayer actions at abortion clinics across the Diocese that same year.

Memorial service attendees lay down flowers outside Northpark Medical Group

Bishop Kevin Farrell, who replaced Grahmann in 2007, has offered quarterly Masses and Rosary processions. Each abortion clinic in Dallas that has closed has seen a special Memorial Service since 2001.

Garnett says that 10,000 people participated in Dallas’ March for Life, and the diocese has held a regular sidewalk counseling and prayer ministry since 2007. She estimates 7,500 mothers have chosen life as a result of that effort.

Several Dallas clinics closed in the 1990s, says Garrett. However, closures slowed after that. In 2001, Dallas went from seven clinics to six, and then to five in 2008. A 2009 closure took place shortly before a clinic opened elsewhere in the city.

While the 2013 Texas law has been given primary credit for the most recent pro-life victory, Garnett says that activist Paul Robertson “helped more than 100 mothers per year choose life outside Northpark,” and “also dialogued with more than 35 staff workers who quit working at the facility during the time he was there.” Robertson, who acted as a full-time volunteer sidewalk counselor from 1999 until he moved from the state in 2004, was present during Saturday’s events.

In 2011, 41 abortion clinics existed in the state of Texas. That year’s sonogram law and defunding of Planned Parenthood, and 2013’s HB 2, have left the state’s clinics diminished to 24. Northpark is the first Dallas clinic to close since HB 2 became law, though the clinic had committed no abortions since November 2013.

Garnett says that it is possible that the number of clinics in Texas could go down to six, if abortion clinics that don’t meet current standards do not upgrade.

Crossroads 2014 Central Walkers Participate in a ‘Turn Around’

A ‘Turn Around’ is the Saving of a Baby from Abortion.
God does the Saving, but He Uses His People to Do It.

“These Students Walking Across the Country to Share the Pro-Life Message Save a Baby From Abortion”

by Cortney O’Brien | Washington, DC | | 7/14/2014

After months of studying and cramming, most college students spend their summers going to the beach, taking road trips, or catching up on naps. But, for the young adults who take part in Crossroads Walk, vacations are dedicated to marching for unborn babies. James Nolan is the current president of Crossroads and he is ecstatic that the pro-life organization is entering its 20th year. He shared their backstory with Townhall Magazine.

“We started in 1995. Some students from Franciscan University in Steuben- ville, Ohio got together after St. John Paul II challenged the world to spread the gospel of life. They decided to take that call, literally. For some of them, that was their primary goal.”

crossroadsFifteen of those inspired young people started a walk from San Francisco to the nation’s capital. Now, 15 has become several hundred thousand, and one walk has expanded to three. Every May through August, participants lead pro-life pilgrimages from Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, passing through 36 states before all ending in Washington, D.C. Dozens of colleges throughout the country take part in these lifesaving events and Nolan estimates that each group covers about 10,000-15,000 miles. But, they don’t just do it for the exercise. On weekends, the groups pray and counsel in front of abortion clinics and speak at churches.

Nolan deems it important to combat the culture of death, which he says is becoming prevalent in Western society. But, he is still hopeful based on some promising statistics.

“One thing we like to say, is there’s a big increase in support for pro-life issues. Polls over the last few years are indicating that the majority of Americans are pro-life, over 50 per- cent. We’ve been seeing that trend. Now, we run into very little resistance. We have an overwhelming amount of support.”

Nolan insists this is significant, for his groups are “not shy” about where they stand on the abortion issue.

“If you see the t-shirts, they say in huge letters that cover your entire chest: ‘Pro-Life.’ People can see it from like a quarter of a mile away. It’s hard to miss.”

He then stressed what he considers Crossroads’ ultimate identity.

“We’re not an anti-abortion organization, we’re a pro-life organization. There’s a big distinction. Because if you’re pro- life, you’re for the culture of life, standing up for the value and dignity of each person without exceptions, from the beginning all the way until their actual death. We’re seeing the culture of death beginning to wane, but breathing its last heavy breath coming out more in the open as the desperation sets in.”

That’s where Crossroads comes in. Nolan explained how the organization is helping to bring more people into the pro-life movement.

“We’ve seen amazing conversions on the issue of life, some almost instantaneous. Especially because it’s young people, it’s very attractive. Even pro-choice people are intrigued, drawn in by it. After that, you see a change of mind, they’re able to look at the issue differently.”

He then shared a couple of moving examples to prove how these walks are working in action.

“We were walking in the middle of a desert and a vehicle drove out of nowhere in Nevada. No gas station in 50 miles either direction. The mother was taking her daughter to Los Angeles for an abortion. They saw us walking with the pro-life t-shirts. They pulled over and asked what we were doing. After a half hour discussion, they changed their mind.”

The Crossroads president revealed another encouraging testimony from someone who approached the pro-life walkers after a church service.

“He said the day before he had been driving a relative to get an abortion and saw us praying in front of [the] clinic. He said they couldn’t go in. They changed their mind and decided to go to the hospital and get an ultrasound. They found out she was pregnant with twins.”

Nolan assured Townhall that the pro-life efforts of Crossroads participants don’t end when the walks do.

“We have a lot of people we know, one of our former staff members adopted two or three Down syndrome babies, just to bring awareness to that and to protect these children, let people know that they’re wanted. A lot of former walkers move on to other pro-life efforts, such as in politics.”

The organization also conducts walks in Ireland, Australia, and Canada. So, you could say they are literally walking across the globe to save precious children from the horrors of abortion. Crossroads offers young people the opportunity to make much more of an impact than just spending their summers on the couch. Who needs to save energy when you can save lives?

Crossroads 2014 Central Walk Addresses Presentation Parish

CrossroadsJune 1, 2014 —Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parishioner and Crossroads 2014 Central Walk participant, Molly Sheahan, addressed the 10:30AM Mass on Sunday, June 1, with the following requests:

  1. Keep Crossroads in your prayers.
  2. Live out the Pro-Life call in our everyday lives and relationships.
  3. Consider financially supporting Crossroads.

Please donate to Crossroads.

Father Leatherby’s Right-to-Life Ministry Update

FrLeatherbyMy Dear Parishioners,

I have some more wonderful news to share!  If you recall, earlier this summer, our Right to Life ministry decided to have sidewalk volunteers from our parish praying in front of the abortion facility on Butano during the hours when abortions are performed.  A number of you signed up.  Thus, we are almost always able to keep the sidewalk staffed all morning on Thursdays, from 7:00am until 1:00pm.  Would you believe it, in less than two months, we have already assisted three women to choose life?!  We have helped to save the lives of three babies!  One of our parishioners, in her great kindness, went so far as to give one of the expectant mothers a ride to the Sacramento Life Center so that she could receive proper support for herself and her child.  Little did I know that it is estimated that 75% of women decide not to go through with an abortion when they see people praying in front of the facility.  In fact, many of them are just hoping that someone will be there to give them hope.  May God be praised that He has moved the hearts of so many of you to be a part of our Right to Life ministry in this way.

Our parish Gabriel Project, which is a branch of our Right to Life Ministry, hosted a BBQ after the 10:30AM Mass. Other parish ministries assisted, including the Senior Joy Ministry, Knights of Columbus, Men’s Club, Preciosa Vida (our school kids’ Pro-Life Club), our 4th Graders, and the Right to Life group itself. It was beautiful to see the combined effort. The BBQ, with donations included, made over $1,400! That’s far more than anyone expected. It is such a blessing for the Gabriel Project, because we, as a parish, are currently assisting 13 moms and their newborn children. Thank you all for your support!

In addition to these efforts, our Right to Life ministry has assumed responsibility for sidewalk counseling at the nearest abortion center, on Butano Drive. Thankfully, abortions are only performed there now on one day of the week, Thursdays mornings. Thus, we will start having parishioners prayerfully witnessing there and available for guidance every Thursday from 7:00AM – 1:00PM. Fr. Lee and/or I will join a group each first Thursday of the month after the 8:00AM morning Mass, which will be offered for ‘an end to abortion’. Please know that you are invited. Hopefully we will get a strong presence there to support these babies and their mothers and fathers. We will have sign ups after Sunday Masses on one of the upcoming weekends, in order to assure that someone is always present on Thursday mornings. If you would like to commit to an hour, you can also contact Mary Mudd directly, who is the coordinator of the ministry.

One other recent addition to the Right to Life ministry is that, after the 8:30AM Mass on Saturday mornings, we are holding a Cenacle of Life. The Cenacles of Life are prayer groups that pray two rosaries together (ten mysteries), offering the rosaries up with fasting. Each member fasts one day a week on bread and water, to end this culture of death. Those that cannot fast on bread and water, due to sickness or age, can offer up a day of fasting from their favorite thing (such as watching television or talking on the telephone). They offer up their fasts – at the prayer group – with the rosaries prayed. As our Lord said, some spirits can be cast out only by prayer AND fasting.

Fr. Lee and I will expose the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday mornings while we offer the rosaries and other prayers for the Cenacles of Life. No one has to be a member to join in. All are welcome. Please know that that goes for the ministry itself. Fr. Lee and I are attending the meetings of the Right to Life ministry on the third Monday of every month, as these issues are so critical in the times in which we live. If you think you might be interested in participating in some way, you are welcome to attend a meeting. There is much that can be done in this multi-faceted ministry. Let us not forget that, at the heart of the Pro-Life movement is the truth of our Lord’s words: “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, you do to Me.”
In Jesus, through Mary,
Father Jeremy Leatherby

About those embarrassing pro-lifers

Gratianus: Iuris Pater Canonici [Gratian: Father of Canon Law]
Gratianus dicit quod Ius Canonicum facile est.
(Gratian says that Canon Law is easy.)
Omnia responsa sunt in libro.
(All the answers are in the book.)

May 16, 2014 |In the Light of the Law | A Canon Lawyer’s Blog | Edward Peters

Even though, as a general rule, the leadership of national episcopal conferences is elected by member bishops (c. 452), in Italy (long story made short) the pope personally appoints conference leaders. Pope Francis appointed Bp. Nunzio Galantino as Secretary General of Italian bishop’s conference a couple months ago.

Galantino is calling for a “taboo-free discussion” of priestly celibacy, administration of holy Communion to divorced-and-remarried Catholics, and homosexuality (sic: homosexual acts?). His call for a ‘taboo-free discussion’ of these topics suggests, of course, that, till now, their discussion has been hindered by taboos, or at least, that Galantino thinks they have been discussed only amid taboos.

Bishop Nunzio Galantino (b. 16 August 1948), Bishop emeritus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cassano all’Jonio

I suggest the first implication is false; the second, necessarily, mistaken. Passing familiarity with the Catholic literature that each of these topics has generated over the centuries should be enough to dispel allegations of “taboos” in their regard except perhaps in the minds of some who dislike the Church’s position on one or more of these topics.

“I do not identify with the expressionless faces of those who recite the Rosary outside the clinics which practice interruption of pregnancy [abortion businesses], but with those young people who are opposed to this practice [the practice of silent, prayerful witness] and who strive for the quality of life of the people, for their right to health, to work.”—Nunzio Galantino, Segretario Generale CEI – Chiesa Cattolica Italiana, May 12, 2014But it is Galantino’s gratuitous remark about “expressionless persons praying rosaries outside abortion clinics” that attracts my attention. I worry when ranking prelates disparage the simple and prayerful piety that some lay faithful show even before the Gates of Death.

Continue reading

Spiritual Adoption


Lord, help me put aside the things that are breaking my heart, to pray for the things that are breaking Your heart. Amen.


The Purpose of the Spiritual Adoption Program is threefold:

  • Encourage parishes, schools and other communities to pray for babies in danger of abortion.
  • Educate adults and children about the development of the pre-born child.
  • Provide mothers in need with assistance at a ‘baby shower’ of donated baby gifts, or simply celebrate with a ‘birthday party’ at the conclusion of the program. In some schools a crib was bought with monetary gifts and the children filled a crib with gifts for expectant Mothers.

This is done by encouraging people to “spiritually adopt” an unborn baby, and to follow their baby along the path to being born.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. Participants pledge to pray for nine months for a baby in danger of abortion. During each month of the program, the “spiritual parents” are given information about their baby’s development in the womb.  Continue reading

One Rosary A Day Against Abortion

(Note: Audio podcasts of the four sets of Mysteries may be played or downloadeddownload for podcast in the blue-bordered box.)

OneRosaryPerDayAgainstAbortionA global Prayer Movement is being formed to defeat the evil of abortion.

  • THE MEETING PLACE: Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • THE DESTINATION: Hearts and Wombs of Mothers
  • THE OPPONENT: Legions of Evil
  • THE METHOD: The Most Holy Rosary
  • THE VICTORY: God’s Love

St. Dominic and the Rosary
A Revelation of Our Lady to Blessed Alan de la Roche
The 15 Promises Benefits and Blessings of the Rosary
Indulgences of the Rosary


Prayer of St. Dominic

May God the Father who made us bless us.
May God the Son send his healing among us.
May God the Holy Spirit move within us and give us eyes to see with, ears to hear with, and hands that Your work might be done.
May we walk and preach the word of God to all.
May the angel of peace watch over us and lead us at last by God’s grace to the Kingdom.


Patron of the Unborn
Shrine of St. Joseph
Guardian of the Redeemer
Santa Cruz

All people are invited to pray the Rosary for Life (The Pro-Life Rosary) with the Most Reverend Richard J. Garcia, Bishop of Monterey, California, U.S.A., as he prays for life with the Oblates of St. Joseph. (Note: Audio podcasts of the four sets of Mysteries may be played or downloadeddownload for podcast in the blue-bordered box.)

Any customary rosary may be used in the recitation of this Pro-Life Rosary. (Get a pro-life Rosary at Easters Books.)

The Five Joyful Mysteries

The Five Luminous Mysteries

The Five Sorrowful Mysteries

The Five Glorious Mysteries

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

preMysteriesThe Crucifix:
Lord, for all those who say “I don’t believe,” “I say I believe in God….continue with saying the creed.”
First Our Father (clear/white bead):

We offer this first Our Father for the intentions of our Holy Father, the Pope.

The three purple HAIL MARYS:

The purple beads represent the Lord’s Passion and Death. Lord, (I/we) offer these three Hail Marys for an increase in Faith, Hope and Love in all people so that all people will always CHOOSE LIFE, and (I/we) also offer them in reparation for the suffering You endure each time an unborn baby is killed, each time someone is euthanized, each time death overcomes life in this world. Amen.

(Click Open) First Decade (Aqua-blue and white/clear beads)

Dear Lord, Dear Mother Mary, every aqua bead in this decade is special, for on it (I/we) pray that Hail Mary for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and on every clear/white bead, (I/we) say that Hail Mary for peace in our world. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have Mercy on us! Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us! Amen.

Second Decade (Red and clear/white beads)

Jesus, Source of Mercy; Mary, Bearer of Mercy, on every red Hail Mary, (I/we) pray in reparation for the blood spilled from every baby wrenched from its mother’s womb through abortion. (I/we) know that even as You hold and comfort each of these precious little ones, the horror of their slaughter screams for justice to be meted out upon our world. May these red Hail Marys be a source of reparation for sin. (I/we) also offer each white/clear Hail Mary for the mothers and fathers of these aborted little ones, that they may receive the grace to repent of this sin, turn to Jesus, and receive the gift of salvation with open hearts. Heal them of the emotional and psychological wounds that this sin has caused as You pour out the graces of conversion upon them. Let them now witness for life! Amen.

Third Decade (Black and clear/white beads)

Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, in this decade (I/we) pray the Hail Mary on every black bead in reparation for the sins of the entire medical profession: all doctors, nurses and assistants of every type who contribute to abortion, euthanasia, or any procedure in the interest of death. On every white/clear Hail Mary (I/we) plead for their conversion. Let them see the truth of what they are doing, see the horror of it, rend their hearts in repentance, then work for life and for You, Lord Jesus, all the rest of their days. Amen.

Fourth Decade (Red, clear/white, and blue beads)

Lord Jesus, Source of All Truth; Mary, Our Lady of all Peoples with every red Hail Mary (I/we) pray that every bad anti-life law in our nation and world be reversed. With every clear/white Hail Mary (I/we) plead protection and strengthening of every pro-life law in existence; and with every blue Hail Mary (I/we) petition for new and stronger pro-life laws to be enacted in our nation and in our world. Amen.

Fifth Decade (Green and clear/white beads)

Lord Jesus, true God and true Man, (I/we) thank You for Your Incarnation. You were formed in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Your humanity at the moment of Your conception reveals the incomparable value of each and every one of us at the moment of our conceptions. Had Satan had his way, You too would have been torn from Your mother’s womb, never to be born and never to fulfill Your destiny in the particular manner in which You did fulfill it. The color green is symbolic of hope. On every green Hail Mary (I/we) thank You for those who in any way work for life. Give them continued courage, strength, peace of heart, and love. Protect them from all evil and increase their witness in this nation and in this world. Strengthen their families to understand the importance of their work and to support them in their stand for life.

Mother Mary, Our Mother under the titles of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of Perpetual Help, Queen of Peace, join us in our intercession for the end of all pro-death activities. Crush the head of evil in our nation, our world, and in our personal lives. Roll back the crimson holocaust. With every clear/white Hail Mary of this decade advance the cause of your divine Son, Jesus, the Incarnate Word! Stay the hand of Chastisement, and if it must fall – protect your children! Amen.


Click & Print
(Two Pages)

Hail, Holy Queen, mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope.
   To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve, to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
   Turn then, O most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this exile show to us the Blessed Fruit of they womb, Jesus.
   O clement, o loving, o sweet virgin Mary.
   Pray for us, o holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praised be Jesus Christ, Now And Forever.

Catholics help save pro-life Evangelical woman’s baby

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Tim Palmquist

sidewalkPrayerShe was a longtime member of a pro-life Evangelical church, having heard her pastors preach against abortion many times. She had also been a client of a local pro-life pregnancy center, benefiting from their services with her previous pregnancies. But this pregnancy was different for “Opal.” In the midst of divorce proceedings, Opal discovered that she was pregnant — and her husband is not the father. To make matters worse, she was having financial problems, only being able to find occasional work as a substitute teacher.

frontLinesShe was too embarrassed to tell her pastor or her friends at the pro-life pregnancy center about the pregnancy. So she made an appointment for an abortion, knowing that by doing so she was planning to kill her own child.

When she arrived at Bakersfield’s FPA abortion chamber on Monday morning, she saw a group of Catholics praying outside. For some of these Catholics, it was the very first time that they had prayed outside an abortion chamber, and now they were standing face to face with a woman whose baby was about to be killed. With tears in their eyes, these first-time vigil participants expressed their desire to help Opal find a job so that she can keep her baby. Continue reading

Dr. Thomas Hilgers, Natural Reproductive Technology Expert of World-Wide Renown

EWTN Live – 3-19-2014 – The Pope Paul VI Institute – Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ with Susan and Dr Thomas W. Hilgers, MD

“About” Dr. Hilgers at his dedicated website.

The Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction

Podcast (obviously, no video)