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Churches: Pray for Abortionists by Name Every Sunday

Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz

The idea comes from an early pro-life activist, Mike Schwartz, commemorated by C-Fam’s Austin Ruse in a recent article The Court Has Completely Destroyed Its Own Legitimacy, about the US Supreme Court, Texas abortion decision Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt (June 27, 2016).

(Our website carried an article relevant to this issue, An Abortion Business was fined $77 for a Patient Death; The Average Animal Shelter Fine: $5,305 – Abortion Clinic That allegedly Killed Woman and Failed Inspection Just Gets $77 Fine – Dog Pounds Are Better Regulated Than Abortion Businesses.)

In the middle of the article, Mr. Ruse wrote extensively about Mike Schwartz.

quotesAs we mourn all these things, though, let us also remember and celebrate someone whose name is not known to you but he is the man who thought all this up. He was the man whose idea it was to regulate abortion out of business. Mike Schwartz was his name and he died almost exactly three years ago from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Mike Schwartz was one of the country’s first pro-life soldiers and eventually one of our most important generals.

In college at the University of Dallas he helped form one of the very first pro-life groups in the country, the Sons of Thunder. With a name like that you can guess what they might have done first. They invaded an abortion clinic and all got arrested.


He helped found the March for Life. He worked for Paul Weyrich at the Free Congress Foundation, a group that split off from the Heritage Foundation because of Heritage’s reluctance to do pro-life work. For a long time, he was Legislative Director for Concerned Women for America. He worked for Tom Coburn in the US House and became his Chief of Staff in the Senate.

Mike was a salty saint. He would spend hours talking to homeless guys and he would know their names. He carried books of theology around with him and read them whenever there was a spare minute. He always had time for anyone and everyone who came into his path.

And he could talk the bluest of blue streaks at “gutless Republicans in the U.S. Senate” and “that band of criminals on the U.S. Supreme Court.” His lips would thin across bared teeth and he would call it the “Roe v. Wade Hate Crimes Against the Human Race Decision.”

I can hear him today enraged at what that band of criminals decided this week. But he would also chuckle because the whole process, even though we lost, for now, has been quite remarkable and has resulted in the other side spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, and actually ended up closing clinics by the butchers not interested in making women safer. The whole process has educated the public, put big abortion under a microscope and made them, once more, defend the indefensible.

Mike thought all this out. He was the most tactical man you ever met.

For years he talked about outlawing abortion by eliminating it. By that he meant that if Roe went down today, abortion would still be legal and killing babies in most if not all the states. He meant that abortion had to be small enough so you could drown it in a bucket of water.

“When the total number of commercial abortions is no greater than 100,000 and the total number of abortion shops is less than 100, then we can say that the cancer has been shrunk sufficiently to cut it out,” he taught.

Before he died Mike put the distillation of a lifetime of thinking and acting into a single memo and handed it out to other leaders in the pro-life movement. I wish I still had mine. It is around here somewhere.

Mike said Churches should pray each Sunday for the local abortionist by name.

He said Churches should pray each Sunday for the local abortionist by name. He said all abortion clinic workers should be bonded so as to expose the criminal past of so many of them. He wanted to establish an Abortion Injury Compensation Fund to be funded by a tax on all abortions.

He said abortion clinics should be made into ambulatory surgical centers, knowing full well that it would force them to spend huge sums to do it.

And he said all abortion clinic doctors should be made to get admitting privileges at the local hospital. What Mike knew and what recent history has shown is most of these killers are unsavory characters who simply cannot get admitting privileges, which for any doctor are remarkably easy to get.

In the past few years more than 200 such laws have been enacted by heroic pro-life legislators all over the country. And hundreds of clinics have closed.

Mike would be furious today and he would rail against the Court and he would rail against big abortion and he would rail against the gutless Republicans who allowed all of this to happen and it would be wonderful to watch him in full rail.

Then he would say the Rosary, sharpen his pencil, and start chuckling as he came up with a dozen new and inventive ways to end abortion.

Sign the Petition to Support Archbishop Cordileone

Archbishop Cordileone‘s Episcopal heraldic achievement…shield, with its charges, a motto scroll and the external ornaments. The shield…is blazoned…Per fess bendy AZURE and ARGENT: in chief a demi-lion rampant OR, armed GULES, holding in its forepaws a heart of the second; in base, the zodiacal sign of Cancer, all GULES.…demi-lion rampant gold, with red tongue and claws holding red heart…“heart of the lion
[Cor di Leone]…red crab…family trade as fishermen…constellation Cancer…month of July…date of his priestly ordination (July 9, 1982) and date he was named bishop (July 5, 2002). Motto: “In Verbo Tuo”…story of miraculous catch in Gospel of Luke, chapter 5.…Peter put his trust in the Lord and literally takes him at his word: “in verbo tuo”.
Cordileone Coat of Arms

Sign the Petition of Support for Archbishop Cordileone


Grandma Theresa Giardina at Salvatore Cordileone’s Episcopal Ordination August 21, 2002


A Majority of Average Americans Are Pro-Life (Just Not the Elites)

Actors portray a young woman and man arguing
about whether or not she should have an abortion.

Bystanders—average people—react FOR LIFE.

Thanks, Vitae Caring Foundation, for helping
take America past the Pro-Life Tipping Point

(Woman firefighter handing a child she just saved to the Mom.) “Being alive today has special meaning–for both of us. There have been times when I almost didn’t make it. But the one time I had the most to lose, was before I was even born. My Mom was young, single, no money. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to give me a chance. But today, I know she’d be very proud, that her decision saved more than one life.”—”Lifesaver”, Vitae Caring Foundation

But why aren’t elite, upwardly mobile young women catching the Pro-Life Wave? Read more…

Father Patrick Lee’s Homily for Respect Life Sunday October 19, 2014


Sign Meant to Shock for Shock’s Sake–Yet Still the Truth

TheOnlyGoodBabyIsAdeadBaby BestWay2HateAnN-WordIsToHateHimBeforeHesBorn

Children are the new N-Words.

Source: “Pro-abortion protesters turn peaceful pro-life event into violence“, Live Action, October 12, 2014

Police had to intervene at a pro-life protest after a pro-abortion group turned the annual peaceful protest into a chaotic and violent event in Victoria, Melbourne Australia’s second largest city.

The Canada Free Press called the pro-abortion protesters, “thugs,” saying:

“A group of pro-abortion thugs attacked a pro-life demonstration in Melbourne, Australia, over the weekend as groups across the land took place in activities to promote the ‘40 Days for Life Campaign’. The attack was pre-planned and well co-ordinated with a number of adults being assaulted while police looked on.”

The Record said, “Protesters ambushed the annual March for the Babies in Melbourne on October 12, in a violent and ugly display that left several people injured.”

The events was led by Liberal MP, Bernie Finn, who said, “We will not forget those silent victims of this vile crime against humanity,” The violent clash was a visible reminder of the hostility pro-lifers face in defending the unborn.

March for the Babies is an annual peaceful protest for life. Its purpose is to call attention to the tragedy of abortion and call for a repeal of abortion laws passed in 2008:

“On October 10, 2008, the Victorian Parliament passed the Abortion Law Reform Act, one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world. This law eliminated all legal protection for Victorian children until the moment of birth.

“In remembrance of this shameful day, we gather to march for the babies who never see the light of day in Victoria. The babies of every one in three pregnancies. The more than 20,000 babies killed in Victoria every year.

“Together we express our profound disapproval with our Government’s failure to:

  • Protect the fundamental right to life of every person in our state.
  • Offer real help to women in crisis pregnancies, and others who have suffered through abortion.
  • Allow freedom of conscience for our health care professionals.

“Our goal is to overturn this terrible law and provide full legal protection to our most vulnerable Victorians.”

Abortion for Fetal Anomaly: The Compassionate Choice for Mother and Baby?

Registered Nurse Lynn Smith presents an excellent overview on some key issues to consider when couples are counseled to abort their unborn child with a fetal anomaly:

pregnantUltrasoundIn considering the H 4223, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, people need to know that abortion is not a life saving, pain sparing medical procedure in the case of fetal anomaly.

At a recent conference, OB-GYN doctor, Byron Calhoun, presented a strong case for perinatal hospice instead of termination of pregnancy for fetal anomaly.  Not only is perinatal hospice safer for a woman and her family emotionally, but it is safer physically, for the mother.

There are 6-10,000 lethal fetal anomalies in the U.S. every year.  Traditional treatment for  lethal anomalies is termination of pregnancy, and the reasons for such treatment are not necessarily based on sound medical rationale, but on emotion:  obstetric providers’ well intentioned desire to spare the mother and the family a distressing experience, their need to “do something,” and their discomfort with bereaved patients.  On the physiological level, a prudent doctor is motivated to avoid maternal complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and fear of increased maternal mortality.

The doctors’ desire to be in control, and prevent suffering, is understandable, however research reveals that termination does not necessarily prevent maternal complications, mortality, or suffering but, in fact, pregnancy termination increases the risk of physical harm and prolongs suffering.  Grief after termination of a pregnancy is just as intense as after a spontaneous pregnancy loss, however, grief after termination for anomalies demonstrates prolonged consequences.  A study in the Netherlands of women with termination for anomalies reviewed psychological outcomes at monthly intervals. At 4 months 46% of women had pathological levels of post-traumatic stress symptoms.  At 16 months, 21% still had symptoms.  Grief after termination is intense and persistent, as shown in another Netherlands study.  Evaluated 2-7 years post termination, 2.6% had pathological grief and 17% had post traumatic stress.

Continue reading

Mary Mudd, Bishop’s Radio Hour

BobDunningInterviewsMaryMuddOnTheBishopsRadioHour-marqueeClick here to listen to the radio show:
Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coverage Needed Thursdays from 7:00 AM to 8:45 AM at the Abortion Business at Watt & Butano

Joannes Bucher, having a bad day sidewalk counseling in Vienna, goes to a park to relax, meets a lady pushing a baby stroller, they play Frisbee, she asks, “Don’t we know each other?”, she then remembers that Joannes convinced her to save her child, Oliver, her family were against her keeping the baby, he’s all she has, she then asks if Joannes would be Oliver’s Godfather?

•     2 Babies saved this month at Butano! – With joy we’re happy to announce that our peaceful, prayerful vigil saved 2 babies this month [July, 20124]!!! Although it’s estimated that 75% of women decide not to go through with an abortion when they see people praying in front of the mill, it’s a special gift that God gives us to know when one has been saved. BT and Mary Mudd were there to witness the life that was saved on July 3rd and Ed was able to persuade an expecting mother to choose life on July 17th. Ed even drove the mother to the pregnancy center. Go ED!!!!

•     Coverage is needed at Butano on Thursdays from 7:00 AM to 8:45 AM. Presentation Parish members are typically at Mass at 8:00 AM. They will arrive at 8:45. Coverage from 7:00 is needed, because many Mothers are arriving during that time.

To sign up for hours at Butano, please contact Mary via the form below:

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Joannes Bucher

Joannes Bucher, having a bad day sidewalk counseling in Vienna, goes to a park to relax, meets a lady pushing a baby stroller, they play Frisbee, she asks, “Don’t we know each other?”, she then remembers that Joannes convinced her to save her child, Oliver, her family were against her keeping the baby, he’s all she has, she then asks if Joannes would be Oliver’s Godfather?

77-Year-Old Grandmother’s Partial Supreme Court Victory for Pro-Life Free Speech
by Josh Shepherd | Washington, DC | | 6/27/2014

in a unanimous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that struck down a Massachusetts “buffer zone” law, sidewalk counselor Eleanor McCullen won the right to speak up freely to women entering abortion centers in Massachusetts.

The 77 year-old grandmother recently gave a revealing interview to NPR.

“I go where the Holy Spirit leads me,” she said. “It’s America and I should be able to walk and talk gently, lovingly, anywhere, with anybody.”

Outside the Supreme Court earlier this year – where Bound4LIFE gathers twice weekly to pray for the ending of abortion – McCullen shared words of truth with whomever would listen: “The poorest of the poor is the child in the womb […] Today the womb is the most unsafe place to be for a child.”

McCullen was represented by the nonprofit legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. Their lead counsel on this case Mark Rienzi noted, “Americans have the freedom to talk to whomever they please on public sidewalks. That includes peaceful pro-lifers like Eleanor McCullen, who just wants to offer information and help to women who would like it.”

The ruling in the case McCullen v. Coakley affirms that public sidewalks are a public forum for open discussion. Forcing sidewalk counselors to keep to a 35-foot “buffer zone” from the door of abortion centers is obstructing their free speech; thus, the Massachusetts law was struck down.

The majority opinion, written by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, notes that buffer zones for election polling places (which restrict candidate signs or distribution of election materials) are Constitutional because “voter intimidation and election fraud [… ] are difficult to detect.” Even though the sidewalk counselors activity was viewed as different, the majority disputed that the law discriminated against pro-life views.

However, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote a concurring opinion, joined by Justices Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas, noting they saw “persuasive evidence that the [Massachusetts] law is content-based.” This opinion, along with a separate one from Justice Samuel Alito, contended that the law discriminated specifically against pro-life free speech. Continue reading


Does Your Local Hospital Do Abortions?

It’s Time to Find Out and Take Action

by John Jansen | | 6/3/14

“Anti-Abortion Protesters Are Coming to a Hospital Near You.”

That’s the apt title of an article published by pro-abortion journalist Robin Marty on the liberal website ThinkProgress.

Noting that the vast majority of abortions are performed in freestanding clinics, Marty says hospitals are “increasingly viewed as the weak link in the battle over abortion access.” She then adds, “And that’s exactly the way medical boards like it.”

CatholicHospitalWontSayIfAbortionistHasAdmittingPrivilegesBut as more and more states are enacting legislation requiring abortionists in freestanding facilities to have admitting privileges at and transfer agreements with a local hospital, the landscape is changing:

Admitting privileges legislation has made hospitals the gatekeeper for abortion clinics’ ability to remain open. That’s allowed protests to move away from the clinics themselves and back to the hospitals, a far more vulnerable target.

She then mentions a smattering of states that have witnessed pro-life targeted protests of hospitals in recent years, including Alabama, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, California, and Michigan.

Pro-life pickets of hospitals are, of course, nothing new, as Marty notes that they, along with pickets outside abortionists’ homes, are both covered in Pro-Life Action League national director Joe Scheidler’s book Closed: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion (the first edition of which was published in 1985, the second in 1994).

Marty interviewed Scheidler for the article, and she quotes him extensively. In fact, Marty concludes her article thusly:

“Of course we will apply pressure,” said Scheidler. “We are trying to get the abortion clinics closed. Without hospitals, the abortionist can’t get the resources he needs and then he closes. That’s what is going to happen around the country as this becomes more common.”

Pro-Life Protests: A Public Relations Disaster for Hospitals

Marty’s article is further confirmation of what we have known for some time: namely, that hospitals want to be subject to pro-life protests about as much as they want to be hit with a malpractice suit. Continue reading