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17-Year-Old Girl Forced to Have Abortion Against Her Will “No! Please Don’t Make Me!”

Lavonne Wilenken, former Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner, spoke with Douglas R. Scott, in  Bad Choices: A Look inside Planned Parenthood (1993):

Once when I was working in the family planning clinic where also the abortuary [abortion clinic] inhabited the same building, I was in a room with a counselor and a young woman. One of the family planning assistants came – burst in the room and said, “Please, you’ve got to come quick! She’s trying to back out of the procedure and everything is all ready!”

The counselor left hurriedly down the hall and I followed to see exactly what was going on and what I saw in the hall was the counselor, a 17-year-old girl and her aunt, dragging her into the room as she was hollering, “No, I don’t want to go! Please don’t make me! Please don’t make me do this! I really don’t want to do this!”

They very hurriedly shoved her in the room where the procedure was to take place and slammed the door and the counselor came out afterwards with a sort of a, a peaceful smiling look on his face, and I knew what had happened. I knew that they had aborted her against her will.

Sixty-Four Percent (64%) of Aborting Moms “Felt Pressured By Others” (217 sample population)



Induced abortion and traumatic stress: A preliminary comparison of American and Russian women. Vincent M. Rue et al. Med Sci Monit, 2004; 10(10): SR5-16

The link between abortion and domestic abuse

FINDING HOPE – Ella’s Prenant. But she’s hiding a secret. Instead of Joy, she feels only TERROR.
At times her secret seems too heavy to bear. How will “he” react?
“He” can be SO SWEET sometimes, and he’s always ‘So Sorry‘…”AFTERWARDS
Still she has hope. “Please let ‘him’ be okay with it…”
HE’S NOT OKAY. Her path seems clear. It’s her only option…(ABORTION CLINIC).
Ella: “It’s all my fault. I’ve got no choice.” Doctor: “This time next week it will all be over.” Ella: “Is that it?”
Hope fades. But it’s far from over… 30% of Domestic Abuse begins in pregnancy.
1 in 4 Women who seek abortions are victims of domestic violence.
That’s 50,000 UK women locked in a cycle of Abortion, Pregnancy, Violence.
They’re often isolated from friends and family. So no one even asks them, “Are you ok?”, let alone,
“Why do you want an abortion?”… Not even the health professionals tasked with caring for them.
The Association Between Abortion and Violence Towards Women Is Strong.

Almost 40% of those seeking an abortion report being victims of abuse.  According to one Canadian study (below), these women are almost 300% more likely to be victims than the general female population, and with those abused within the previous year, the rate climbs to almost 400%.

America’s Hidden Epidemic of Forced Abortion

Many women are offered only one choice–abortion.

The epidemic of coerced, unwanted abortions is rarely reported. Yet every week, thousands of girls and women face threats and abuse from people who want them to abort without regard for their own feelings or desires.

A Woman Doctor, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, operating a “medical” practice in the Old Libby Cannery at Stockton & Alhambra in Sacramento, told a poor client: “You have too many children. I’m going to give you an abortion.” She compelled the woman to have an abortion.

  • A homeless woman was denied shelter until she submitted to an unwanted abortion.
  • A teen was ridiculed by a school counselor and bussed to the abortion clinic.
  • A daughter was pushed into an abortion clinic at gunpoint by her mother.
  • A girlfriend was injected with an abortifacient outside a parking garage.
  • A 13-year-old was returned to her molester after her abortion.
  • Three sisters were raped repeatedly by their father and forced into abortions for nearly a decade.
  • A wife miscarried after her husband jumped on her stomach to force an abortion.
  • A waitress was fired after she became pregnant.

The headlines above represent just a few of the many women who were offered only one choice–abortion. Read more…