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Offer preteen girls sex ed and abortion while they are still ‘malleable’: Georgetown researchers

Express your opinion about this matter with the President of Georgetown and the Archbishop of Washington DC.

Georgetown researchers: Offer preteen girls sex ed and abortion while they are still ‘malleable’

Cutting Parents Out of the Picture


Ben Johnson | LifeSiteNews | August 6, 2014

A new report from “Catholic” Georgetown University suggests that public school children should be exposed to explicit sex education at age 10 – while their views are still “malleable” – and that schools could lower STD and abortion rates by providing all girls capable of reproduction with “contraceptives and safe abortion” without “parental approval.”

The report promotes the sex ed and abortion-on-demand regimen for “Very Young Adolescents (VYAs),” defined as children between the ages of 10 and 14.


Investing in very young adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health” was written by Susan M. Igras, Marjorie Macieira, Elaine Murphy, and Rebecka Lundgren of the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University and published in Global Public Health. Continue reading

Supreme Court Lets Stand California Ban on Sexual Orientation Change Therapy

WASHINGTON (Courthouse News) – California may follow through with plans to ban Sexual Orientation Change Therapy after the U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to look at the law.

California’s SB 1172, which the 9th Circuit upheld in August, prohibits state-licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors from using sexual-orientation change therapy on patients younger than 18.

After the full court refused to hold an en banc rehearing of the case, the challengers requested a stay of the mandate so that they could petition the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari.
The appellate panel granted a stay in February, but the Supreme Court on Monday rejected two petitions for a writ of certiorari.

The petitions had been submitted by the parties whose cases were consolidated for the decision that the 9th Circuit reached last year.
In Pickup v. Brown a federal judge in Sacramento found that the therapy did not qualify as protected speech, but a different judge granted a preliminary injunction in Welch v. Brown. Equality California intervened on behalf of California.

reparative-Therapy-ban-marqueeNARTH Statement on California SB 1172 – Sexual Orientation Change Efforts!narth-statement-on-ca-sb1172/c22al

The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality NARTH wishes to be on record as objecting to SB 1172 and strongly recommending that this bill not be passed out of committee. NARTH is a professional, scientific organization whose members include fully qualified academics and therapists who are fully licensed professionals and who abide by high standards of ethical care. NARTH supports the freedom of individuals to claim a gay identity or to explore their unwanted attractions and make changes in their lives. Continue reading

Formerly Conjoined Twins are Valedictorians

Copeland5by Hans Johnson

When Emily and Caitlin Copeland were found to be conjoined twins over 18 years ago, it was a grim prognosis for their mother Crystal. They were born joined at the chest sharing a liver, and their organs were discharging through only one of them. So their surgeon Dr. Kevin Lally decided to wait for them to grow and get stronger before separating them.

He did so when they were ten months old, and after a rocky start they grew up healthy and have just graduated as co-valedictorians from Houston’s Lutheran High North.



Just over 18 years ago, Emily and Caitlin Copeland left their mother’s womb, conjoined. Now, the girls are set to leave their hometown of Houston, Texas to different universities after graduating from high school as co-valedictorians. This will be only the second time in their lives that they will be apart from one another.

Just days after Emily and Caitlin turned 18, their mother, Crystal Copeland spoke with LifeSiteNews about how the dark time of finding out the girls were conjoined, and considering the possibility of aborting them, turned into a blessing and the knowledge that she and her family “wouldn’t change a thing.”

Receiving the diagnosis

Crystal and John Copeland, highschool sweethearts who “met in home room” and got married right out of college, were a typical young couple. Then she got pregnant, and the diagnosis of conjoined twins came. To the couple, it seemed to be the end of the world.

“Neither my husband nor myself were raised in a church,” Copeland told LifeSiteNews. “At the time that my husband and I found out that we were pregnant, we were not part of a church, we did not study the Bible. We both believed in God, but didn’t really understand what we were believing.”

“So we got the diagnosis, and it was an extremely dark time. I had always prayed, all my life, and I prayed heavily that weekend, when we were waiting to find out what the surgeons thought when they looked at the ultrasound video.”

Despite knowing the right decision was made almost two decades ago, Crystal says she only came to terms with the fact that she even considered abortion this year.

The waiting wasn’t easy, as doctors examined the results of the ultrasound. “We did have friends and family who felt that we should abort the pregnancy. Not having faith front and center in my life at that time, I worried all the time — I don’t know what I would have done if they had come back and told us they did share a heart, that they would not have been able to survive, I agonize over that. I don’t know what I would have done.”

According to Copeland, the girls were 17 weeks past gestation, and “they were kicking, they were moving, I could feel them, they were very real to me. We already had names picked out. It was very traumatic.”

“We were looking for any lifeline, anything that we could latch on to for hope. And when the surgeons came back and said, ‘we’ve reviewed the ultrasound, we think they’re only sharing a liver, and we think they have good possibilities for separation,’ we grabbed onto that.

We talked about it, and we decided that if there was a chance that at least one of them could survive, and have a normal life, then we would continue the pregnancy.”

Copeland says that the couple was “given the option” for abortion, “because [doctors] did not know if the girls were going to share a heart, which is a fatal complication, that kind of thing.”


Strength in adversity

Crystal says that choosing life for her babies, and raising Emily and Caitlin in difficult circumstances helped her and her husband realize inner strength. “I have a terrible fear of blood,” she explained, giving one example. “I’ve been known to almost pass out getting a paper cut, it’s that bad. But the girls obviously had a lot of surgeries and they had to have a lot of central lines run, directly into an artery on their chest.” And while she would have preferred to leave the area while nurses handled these responsibilities, the medical professionals told her that children get agitated when their mothers are not around.

“They were little tiny babies,” Crystal said. “So I sat in on more of those than I can even remember. And they were horrible, but I did it because my kids needed me to be there and do it.”

Crystal says she got so good at home health care – her daughters had larges holes on their abdomens from the separation surgery – that a home health nurse said she would “hire me in a minute.”

“I did all kinds of horrible stuff, and I got through it,” said Crystal. But she added that she could only do it for her kids. “You rise to the occasion when you have to, then it’s gone.”

Raising Emily and Caitlin also helped the Copeland’s marriage, she said. “It really made us stronger. I know a lot of marriages that are tested can’t handle the pressure. It really brought us a lot closer together, and really solidified our marriage in a good way.”


Healing and hope

However, some of the wounds from that period have healed more recently. Despite knowing the right decision was made almost two decades ago, Crystal says she only came to terms with the fact that she considered abortion this year. “I’ve thought about it over the years, and wondered if I had not gotten that lifeline, what would we have done?”

“A few months ago, I found out about a family in Houston who had a similar diagnosis — they were carrying conjoined twins connected in the same way that Emily and Caitlin were, and they decided to end the pregnancy. When I got that news — I don’t even know these people, I don’t know their names, I don’t know anything about them other than that fact that they were in my shoes, basically — I was so upset, I cried the whole way home.”

“I was upset all day,” Crystal explained. “I could not process that they had chosen to end their pregnancy. I think, really, that was God’s way of letting me know how I would have reacted if we had gotten that news. I was so horrified that they had ended their pregnancy — I think that was God’s way of telling me ‘let this go.'”

With her daughters heading to different universities — Emily to Houston to be a wedding planner, and Caitlin to Concordia University in Austin to be a Lutheran schoolteacher — Crystal says she is “looking at some wide-open time come August.” With both girls in band, as well as cheerleading (Emily) and softball (Crystal), Crystal says that her “appointment book was full.”

“I’m going to have to start volunteering at church a lot more,” she says. “I told my husband he’s going to have to get a lot more interested in my hobbies, and he just looked at me like I was nuts.”

As her girls head off for their second lifetime separation, Crystal says that she is “so proud of them. They are the most competitive, driven girls — all on their own, in their heads. They accomplished everything they wanted to in high school, and they have no regrets.”

Having been in the same classes in small schools their whole lives, Crystal’s girls are “very worried about going to separate schools.”

“This is going to be really hard on them.” However, modern technology — iPads and Facetime — will allow Crystal’s once-conjoined daughters to continue to be together, even as life takes them in separate directions.

Eleven-Year-Old keeps a 12-week baby model on her dresser to show her friend abortion is wrong

11-year-oldWhile working the Iowa Right to Life booth at NICHE 2014, the girl in the center of the picture picked up one of the 12-week baby models and spoke. She was asked to repeat her message into a voice recorder, so it could be shared it with you. Listen to her 40-second testimony:


Last year, at the Iowa State Fair, I got a 12-week baby model, and now, I keep it out on my dresser so that when my one friend that I know comes over to my house, she sees it. She doesn’t know that abortion is wrong. I kind of show it to her and say, “Isn’t it so cool we were once the size of a grain of salt and we were fully human?” …I hope that she’ll know how babies are really alive when they’re inside their mom’s womb!

Without these 12-week baby models at the Iowa State Fair, this 11 year old could not have witnessed to her friend, and without your help, these baby models cannot be purchased. Last year at our Iowa State Fair booth, we gave away 12,000 models! Here’s how that costs Iowa Right to Life around $12,000 to make happen: After purchasing the models, volunteers wrap each one with fabric and tie it with yarn. The cost of the models, fabric, and yarn makes each model about $1.

twelvelidownOnce we were the size of a grain of salt, and we were fully human.

By making a pledge via the John Deere Classic and Birdies for Charity, you can help people of all ages educate on the value of life with these 12-week baby models. Your contribution towards these 12-week models has the power to change an abortion-minded mother, turn someone from pro-choice to pro-life, or more. The possibilities are limitless.

We never want money to be the reason why someone does not witness the pro-life message, and you know as well as we do that these 12-week baby models are our greatest education tool. They show the humanity of the unborn with intricate details.

LifeNews Note: Kendra Burger is the marketing coordinator for Iowa Right to Life.

Young Women Rescue Kidnapped Baby

A kidnapper disguised as a nurse snatched a newborn from a Quebec hospital last week, but a group of Canadian teens helped bring the 16-hour-old baby girl home.

A group of four teenagers heard the Amber Alert about a newborn stolen from a hospital and decided to go looking for the suspect. They spotted her car, and police were able to reunite the infant girl with her parents just three hours after she was kidnapped. The suspect is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Four teenagers in Quebec are being applauded for their detective work in helping police locate a newborn who was snatched from a hospital in Trois-Rivières Monday night.A woman dressed as a nurse allegedly entered Mélissa McMahon’s room at St. Mary’s Hospital around 7 p.m. and took her day-old baby girl, Victoria.

Police issued an Amber alert and an image of the suspect caught on a hospital security camera was soon all over the Internet.

Mélisanne Bergeron, Sharelle Bergeron, Marc-André Côté and Charlène Plante saw the photo and jumped to action.

“We went on Facebook and saw the news that a baby was kidnapped. We just needed to act… we wanted to find the baby,” Plante told Global News on Tuesday.

Crossroads 2014 Central Walkers Participate in a ‘Turn Around’

A ‘Turn Around’ is the Saving of a Baby from Abortion.
God does the Saving, but He Uses His People to Do It.

“These Students Walking Across the Country to Share the Pro-Life Message Save a Baby From Abortion”

by Cortney O’Brien | Washington, DC | | 7/14/2014

After months of studying and cramming, most college students spend their summers going to the beach, taking road trips, or catching up on naps. But, for the young adults who take part in Crossroads Walk, vacations are dedicated to marching for unborn babies. James Nolan is the current president of Crossroads and he is ecstatic that the pro-life organization is entering its 20th year. He shared their backstory with Townhall Magazine.

“We started in 1995. Some students from Franciscan University in Steuben- ville, Ohio got together after St. John Paul II challenged the world to spread the gospel of life. They decided to take that call, literally. For some of them, that was their primary goal.”

crossroadsFifteen of those inspired young people started a walk from San Francisco to the nation’s capital. Now, 15 has become several hundred thousand, and one walk has expanded to three. Every May through August, participants lead pro-life pilgrimages from Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, passing through 36 states before all ending in Washington, D.C. Dozens of colleges throughout the country take part in these lifesaving events and Nolan estimates that each group covers about 10,000-15,000 miles. But, they don’t just do it for the exercise. On weekends, the groups pray and counsel in front of abortion clinics and speak at churches.

Nolan deems it important to combat the culture of death, which he says is becoming prevalent in Western society. But, he is still hopeful based on some promising statistics.

“One thing we like to say, is there’s a big increase in support for pro-life issues. Polls over the last few years are indicating that the majority of Americans are pro-life, over 50 per- cent. We’ve been seeing that trend. Now, we run into very little resistance. We have an overwhelming amount of support.”

Nolan insists this is significant, for his groups are “not shy” about where they stand on the abortion issue.

“If you see the t-shirts, they say in huge letters that cover your entire chest: ‘Pro-Life.’ People can see it from like a quarter of a mile away. It’s hard to miss.”

He then stressed what he considers Crossroads’ ultimate identity.

“We’re not an anti-abortion organization, we’re a pro-life organization. There’s a big distinction. Because if you’re pro- life, you’re for the culture of life, standing up for the value and dignity of each person without exceptions, from the beginning all the way until their actual death. We’re seeing the culture of death beginning to wane, but breathing its last heavy breath coming out more in the open as the desperation sets in.”

That’s where Crossroads comes in. Nolan explained how the organization is helping to bring more people into the pro-life movement.

“We’ve seen amazing conversions on the issue of life, some almost instantaneous. Especially because it’s young people, it’s very attractive. Even pro-choice people are intrigued, drawn in by it. After that, you see a change of mind, they’re able to look at the issue differently.”

He then shared a couple of moving examples to prove how these walks are working in action.

“We were walking in the middle of a desert and a vehicle drove out of nowhere in Nevada. No gas station in 50 miles either direction. The mother was taking her daughter to Los Angeles for an abortion. They saw us walking with the pro-life t-shirts. They pulled over and asked what we were doing. After a half hour discussion, they changed their mind.”

The Crossroads president revealed another encouraging testimony from someone who approached the pro-life walkers after a church service.

“He said the day before he had been driving a relative to get an abortion and saw us praying in front of [the] clinic. He said they couldn’t go in. They changed their mind and decided to go to the hospital and get an ultrasound. They found out she was pregnant with twins.”

Nolan assured Townhall that the pro-life efforts of Crossroads participants don’t end when the walks do.

“We have a lot of people we know, one of our former staff members adopted two or three Down syndrome babies, just to bring awareness to that and to protect these children, let people know that they’re wanted. A lot of former walkers move on to other pro-life efforts, such as in politics.”

The organization also conducts walks in Ireland, Australia, and Canada. So, you could say they are literally walking across the globe to save precious children from the horrors of abortion. Crossroads offers young people the opportunity to make much more of an impact than just spending their summers on the couch. Who needs to save energy when you can save lives?

Crossroads 2014 Central Walk Addresses Presentation Parish

CrossroadsJune 1, 2014 —Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary parishioner and Crossroads 2014 Central Walk participant, Molly Sheahan, addressed the 10:30AM Mass on Sunday, June 1, with the following requests:

  1. Keep Crossroads in your prayers.
  2. Live out the Pro-Life call in our everyday lives and relationships.
  3. Consider financially supporting Crossroads.

Please donate to Crossroads.

Pro-life, pro-family 17-year-old beats 2-time incumbent in West Virginia

UPDATE – November 5 – Saira Wins

Saira Blair (born July 11, 1996) is Delegate-elect in the 59th district of the West Virginia House of Delegates.


SairaBlairCHARLESTON, WV, May 15, 2014 ( – Running on an explicitly pro-life and pro-family platform, Saira Blair a 17-year-old high school student beat out two-time incumbent Larry Kump to represent the Republicans in the November race for the state House of Delegates. Blair, a strong Catholic said on her election signs: “I am a Fiscal Conservative, I’m pro-life. I’m pro-marriage I’m pro-family. I’m pro-second Amendment. I’m pro-business. I’m pro-jobs I’m pro West Virginia. These are my personal and political beliefs!”

On another campaign sign she repeated those same stances adding, “I will not compromise on these beliefs.”

Saira’s father, State Senator Craig Blair, was surprised by the result figuring that his daughter’s age would negatively affect her chances.

The Tuesday primary result saw Blair narrowly overtake Kump 872-728. She will face Democrat Layne Diehl in November.

In a message to her fellow youth she says: “Why wait till your 40, 50 or 60 to realize that conservative principles are the pathway to prosperity and success.”

Saira Blair on Facebook.