Latest Zika Info Lacking Balance

Summary: Nobody should be careless about getting Zika. But allowing a panic to deflect attention from the most important issues is no help either.

mikroKephalyKidsThese are Microcephaly Kids. Their Moms probably didn’t have Zika.

As you can see, they’re terrific people. I want to be with them.

If God were to send me one, I would probably learn to “wag more, bark less” from them.

wagmoreBarklessThe most highly regarded American reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, reports that while Zika has been associated with increased incidences of microcephaly births, there is little evidence that the Zika infection itself directly causes the microcephaly birth defect. An insecticide that people were drinking may be the cause.

  • For 70 years, Zika wasn’t linked to microcephaly birth defects. The link was made only after a 2015 rise in microcephaly in Brazil coincident with a Zika outbreak.
  • An Argentina doctors’ group said Brazil’s rash of microcephaly was noticed shortly after some communities began using the larvicide  Pyriproxyfen  in drinking water. It’s a hypothesis, a probability, Dr. Medardo Avila Vazquez, a pediatrician in Cordoba, Argentina and main author of the report told NPR. And for us, its more likely that it’s the chemical larvicide and not Zika. After the report by the Argentina doctors, one Brazilian state announced it would stop putting Pyriproxyfen in drinking water.
  • Zika is considered one of the mildest mosquito-borne viruses. More than 80% of people who get Zika don’t become sick and have no symptoms.

The image below is repeated in most Zika stories. It conveys a sense of suffering. The viewer is probably unaware that the placement of the image in the stories unconsciously links fears of having imperfect children with the crying and sense of suffering.
A perfect, beautiful child crying would convey a very different “left brain” message.