Meta-analysis: Association Between Induced Abortion & Breast Cancer Risk Among Chinese Women

A new study has emerged from China indicating that such a link between abortion and breast cancer not only exists, but that the risk rises with each abortion a woman has.

The study, titled “A meta-analysis of the association between induced abortion and breast cancer risk among Chinese females” was published this week in Cancer Causes and Control, a peer-reviewed international cancer journal.

“The marked change in breast cancer incidence was parallelled to the one-child-per-family policy,” the researchers stated.Dr. Joel Brind, professor of endocrinology at Baruch College, City University of New York and a director at the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, called the findings a “real game changer” for deniers of the so-called ABC link.

  • The Abortion/Breast-Cancer link has not just been found in China.
  • India:A new study of women from India shows women who get an induced abortion are 626% more likely to have breast cancer compared with women who carry their pregnancies to term and have the baby. The study found women more likely to have breast cancer had “higher number of abortions.” This study follows closely after a bomshell meta-analysis of breast cancer studies found a 44% increased risk of contracting breast cancer for women who had abortions. “History of abortion was also found to be positively associated with the risk of breast cancer with 6.26 times higher risk in women having a history of abortion,” they concluded.
  • Bangladesh: A similar study from Bangladesh published in the Journal of the Dhaka Medical College in April found that women with a history of induced abortion had a 20-fold increase in likelihood of developing breast cancer when compared to women with no such history.
  • World-Wide: Studies in dozens of countries consistently report increase risk of breast cancer after abortion.

Ideology of “Safe” Abortion: There is tendency to ignore or deny inconvenient information which is especially strong when the subject is abortion. Documentation and public awareness of the negative effects of abortion poses a danger to Big Abortion, in the same way studies linking cigarettes to cancer posed a danger to Big Tobacco.

The first study linking cigarettes to lung cancer was published in 1928, and the first Surgeon General’s warning, without the support of the AMA, was announced in 1964. The Bradford- Hill epidemiologic criteria developed to evaluate causality, ultimately used to show the tobacco- lung cancer link in the 1960s, are the same criteria that support the ABC link.

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